• All In One Social Media Marketing Service - Promote Your Website on BIG Pages, Groups, Boards & More!
I've been providing social media marketing services for a long time now. But mostly for YouTube video promotion. And most of my popular YouTube promotion services give you a certain amount of posts across multiple social media sites. So we thought, why not just provide people with the same great all in one social media marketing service but for anything for any website or affiliate product they want to promote?

And so we've created this all-in-one social media marketing service that does the work you know you need to do, but can't or don't want to do, done for you, by real SMM pros!

After all and yes, we all know how social media marketing can be effective at building brand awareness & driving traffic & sales. But it can be time consuming and a bit boring let's face it! That's where we come in! We will post your message and or links to all the biggest social media sites, pages, groups and communities that have the most amounts of users in them. Then deliver all of the posts links to you within the delivery time.

What we do and what you get in this service:

  • 20 Big Community page posts
  • 100 Big social group posts
  • 50 Google Plus community posts
  • 10 Big Pinterest Community Board Pins
  • 25 Social bookmark submissions
  • 1000 3000 mixed social signals
That's about 3100+ high quality social media signals and SEO favorable backlinks from RELATED Social Media Pages, Groups, Communities, Boards, Channels & more!

To break that down for you what you get:

  • 20 Big Community page visitor message postsWe will post to the biggest social community pages that are related to your niche. We actively search them out and post to them for you. Some of these have many thousands of users/fans in them.
  • 100 Big social group posts on the BIGGEST groupsWe will post to the biggest social groups that have literally millions of users combined in them. These are groups that allow us to post anything in promotional format.
  • 50 Google Plus community posts because G+ ain't dead at all!We will post to 50, yes 50 big Google+ communities for you. Most of which will also be related to your niche. These will be communities that fit what it is you want to promote. We search out and join them based on your niche.
  • 10 Big Pinterest Community Board Pins that are highly exclusive!We will pin your website or anything to our VERY BIG and VERY exclusive Pinterest Community boards (you can't buy these anywhere else).
  • 25 Social Bookmark Submissions because Bookmarks still work!We will manually bookmark your site or link or anything to the top 25 high authority social bookmarking sites. All done by hand by real people with real accounts, real moods and personalities.
  • 1000 3000 Mixed Social Signals because they go hand-in-handWe'll add 1000 3000 mixed social signals to your website or any URL you want. Made up of shares, tweets/retweets, pins/repins etc etc. These go hand-in-hand with SMM work like this.
And the Benefits of this SMM Service would be;

  • Drives real qualified traffic to your site/landing pages etc.
  • Builds trust and authority to your website/business.
  • Increases ranking of your website in the SERPs (Google etc)
  • Creates publicity and builds brand awareness.
  • Boosts your ranking in the Search Engines did I say that?
  • Improves and grows your Social Media presence/authority.
  • Perfect for growth hacking and brand building new/old things.
  • Increases in effectiveness the more you use it.
  • Provides blanket coverage of the best Social Media sites.
  • Gives you something to show for your money at the end..
  • Awesome Level 3X multi-dimensional conscious professional.
  • Top notch feel-good customer service you can rely on.
  • Overspills, Extras, freebies and other gifts given to all clients.
  • After-sales support, and client loyalty greatly rewarded.
  • Resellable service (can be purchased/sold for 3x+ as much)

The price? We'll do all of this for you for $20.

"a lot of work/promotion/marketing/SEO & SMM for a good price so you can't go wrong".


  • How Long Does it Take to Complete all the work?For the standard service we'll complete all of your work within a few days probably and when we're done we'll send you a full report of all the links. We have Quick Delivery option to get it all done in 1 day if you prefer. But if you order with a lot of extras then it may take a bit longer but we don't mess around!
  • How Much Traffic / How Many Sales Will I Get?That's something we can't tell you. We don't know what you want to promote yet let alone if people are interested in and looking for it. It's all random. But you should/may/could get some publicity and clicks / sales / subs etc etc from it as it's real SMM. We just can't give you an exact amount as we have no control over what people like+do on social media you understand.
  • Can I Promote My Affiliate Links?Absolutely you can yes of course! We don't really have any restrictions on what you want to post/promote unless it's illegal or something nefarious! Message me first of you're unsure.
  • Is There A Guarantee?
    Your statutory rights aren't effected but we can't guarantee anything other than to do the advertised work for you in the time frame specified as like as said, we have no control over what people like/do on social media.
  • Is This Worth Buying?
    Is it worth doing marketing and promotion of, SEO and SMM of your business? Social Media marketing and SEO works which is why we are all here in the first place. But this amount of work can have a great instant effect and long term benefit as well.
  • What Do You Need to Do?As soon as all your work is completed, we'll deliver with a work report for you.
  • What Happens After?After this, you just gotta sit, wait, hope and pray that enough people see it both right away and in time, to click and visit your site and do what you want them to do! But we don't just slap and go, we look after you and will check in on you from time to time to see how you're getting on with it all.
For any more questions just send me a quick message.

Please Note: We can't do Quick Delivery if you order all the extras or a lot of them. Quick delivery can be done only for the basic standard service. We can do it quick with some or lots of extras too. Just not that quick as some things take time obviously and you just can't rush this kind of work really if you want quality work?

In one sentence Mike, say something that describes this service perfectly...

A 100% pure white hat safe, recommended, genuine, reliable and effective social media marketing service that does what it says on the tin!

And the final pitch?

You can't buy this much social media marketing for this price elsewhere! Not like this, in the places we actively post to for you from the greatest freelancer on SEOClerks of all time that is the one and only Ideal Mike!

So don't even hesitate!

Place your order and let's get you noticed!

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  • bigleaguesearch
    bigleaguesearch 3 months ago

    Thanks Mike!

    • idealmike

      You're very always very welcome z cheers and to your success! A+++

  • blueant
    blueant 4 months ago

    great. many thanks

    • idealmike

      Thanks and always welcome cheers and to your success! A+++

  • jochen12
    jochen12 1 year ago

    this guy is a genius, absolutely awesome! Thank you!

    • idealmike

      Thanks! It was a pleasure to work on the order for you and we look forward to your next! Cheers and to your success my friend! A+++

  • jwhite
    jwhite 1 year ago

    Job got completed in timely fashion during the hectic lead up to Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

    • idealmike

      Thanks! Black Friday and or Cyber Funday has no adverse bearing or affect on our service. It could be the apocalypse and we'd still just keep going right through it! Cheers and to your success! A+++

  • GeorgiaSEO
    GeorgiaSEO 1 year ago

    Yes I fully recommend using idealmike has the service was finished on time an the order was successful even though he ws fully booked with orders, still came through.

    • idealmike

      Thanks! I appreciate your order and it was a pleasure to work on it for you! Thanks again for your business and I hope you are successful with all my work in your endeavours. Cheers and to your success! Great client! A+++

  • Illaescieam
    Illaescieam 1 year ago

    Great seller! Highly recommended

    • idealmike

      Thanks! Top client! Thanks again and to your success! A+++

  • bhalili
    bhalili 1 year ago

    Hi idealmike, i am completely satisfied with the service. Danke

    • idealmike

      Thanks! It was a pleasure and I look forward to your next order! Best of luck in your endeavors! Great client! A+++

  • rajabitcoin
    rajabitcoin 1 year ago

    fantastic result and real . can recommendation this ... its work.

    • idealmike

      Thanks! To your success! A+++

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  • gotgoodjob

    Is your service appropriate for my blog, rcjeep.com?


    7 months ago
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