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  • Slurppp
    Slurppp 25 days ago

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  • MarcBogo
    MarcBogo 28 days ago

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  • creditexpert34
    creditexpert34 2 months ago

    You didn't deliver this order. This is the seller second time not delivering his service but trying to collect his payment.

    • saifsayed

      Dear your order completed 
      How can i proved your order completed ??
      Because you removed your completed post .

  • mkay007
    mkay007 2 months ago

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  • mkay007
    mkay007 2 months ago

    Amazing and fast delivery. Highly recommended

  • mkay007
    mkay007 2 months ago

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  • creditexpert34
    creditexpert34 4 months ago

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  • Tom2
    Tom2 4 months ago

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    • saifsayed

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  • Brunaferrazs2
    Brunaferrazs2 5 months ago

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    • saifsayed

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  • Tom2
    Tom2 7 months ago

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Buyers Comments

  • robertoalonso

    Before the seller was great now dont give the service and no answer

    6 months ago
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