KEEP CALM and GET PINNED to BIG Pinterest Group Boards for $20

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KEEP CALM and GET PINNED to BIG Pinterest Group Boards

If you're stressing out about missing out on the benefits that Pinterest can have for your business. Then KEEP CALM and GET PINNED to Our Big Pinterest Group Boards!

We have over 100 Pinterest Group Boards that have many millions of followers/users in them collectively that we can pin to which can drive traffic to something at any one time. Our Group Boards have many millions of followers and users collectively. Some boards and niches have less, some more.

While some types of boards have more users than others, no matter your business niche or industry, we probably have a group board for it we can pin it to for you. We have some specific niche and some generic boards in case of not.

Pinning Your Whole Business to Pinterest

We'll pin your site, URL product or service etc, and or all the best coolest pages, images and videos etc on and of or for your site and stuff, to the best group boards we have for you.

Get exposure and promotion, drive traffic and conversions. Grow expand and succeed. Improve your position rankings in Google and more.

I've been using Pinterest since about day 1 and have many popular Pinteresting services on here already that can pin your website, video or anything you want to those group boards for you. So when it comes to your Pinterest SMM you're in very good hands with IdealMike!

This Pinterest service can help you in many different great ways. From boosting and increasing your activity and authority on Pinterest. To promoting and advertising your products and services and more to the whole world. To having positive effects for your rankings in Google. Something many of our regular clients will testify of!

Some past feedback from such regular clients and even casual time ones are:

- Great service! Great seller! Saw some nice activity and positive ranking effects after these pins so will definitely keep using thanks!

- IdealMike is my go-to guy for all things Pinterest. Top service highly recommended.

- keep seeing results the more I use these group boards so 100% they are valuable for your SEO. Best seller!

Full Professional 5 Day Pinterest Group Board Pinning Campaign

When it comes to Pinterest it's all about being "pinsistent". Something you might not have the time or know how to achieve yourself right now. It's fair enough! On top of this, group board pins are much better than regular pins. They are bigger boards and have many users pinning daily. So where a one time pinning one day is good to have at least, your pins can get buried. Which again is good! You want that, in time more and more people will discover them. But being "pinsistent" so that your pins are regularly sent as new shipments to people's timeline, has a better quicker and longer benefit overall and all round.

Keep calm you won't have to lift a finger We'll do all the pinning and promoting for you with a 5 day Pinterest Group Boards pinning campaign.

Every day we will pin to a large amount of boards for you. We'll pin your website homepage, popular pages, blog posts, etc. All the best things, videos, graphics etc etc. Or just whatever you want!

After 5 days, we'll deliver a full report including all your live pins and repin pins that we've done for you. We'll pin and repin many different pins over 5 days time.

Forget the rest and stick with the best! IdealMike Level 3X seller and No 1 Top Rated Pinterest Provider on SEOClerks.

Get a huge amount of Pinterest Group Boards pins all permenent. All done by hand using your URLS, images, videos, descriptions, hashtags, keywords etc.

100 Boards 100's of Pins!

Pins and Repins everywhere!

They're going to love you on Pinterest after this!

Especially if... you are in any of these niches....

So we have many boards but not all boards are in the same niche and equal. Some niches we have more boards for. Some not so much. Some niches have more users/followers than others. Some not so much. Most of our boards are made up of the following niches:

DIY Home Interior Design etc
Fashion and Beauty etc
Travel Holiday Places etc
Food Recipes Cooking etc
Digital marketing SEO freelance
Audio video music boards
Some fun / some random boards

So if you've ever wanted to break into Pinterest, get a helping hand up, and or kick start your success with it, or just want to supplement it by getting pins from the other side, and you think that your site needs it, then order your campaign now and get a shipment of Pins and goodies done while you sleep!

How many board pins will I get?

It depends on your site and if we have enough of the right boards for it but we're looking at a basic target of 100 pins. We may have to use different images to achieve it, but we'll get there in the end!

How many pins do you make a day?

Again it will depend on what we have that's right for your site but ranging from 10-25 pins a day. All done over 5 days time give or take. Either at once or spread out through day.

What do you need from me?

For you to keep calm and just your website URL at mnimum. Or the URLs for things to pin! Any nice images or stuff you have to pin.

How long to complete the work?

Your campaign will take place over 5 days time. Longer campaigns can be provided.

How many times can I order at once?

You can order this service as many times as you want. You can add it as many times as you want for different websites etc. Recommended use extras for it.


100 Pins / Repins over 5 days.

Exclusive access to big group boards
Top Rated Level 3X seller
Best Pinterest Provider 5+ years
Permanent High Authority Signals
Permament Pins with longterm benefit
Full Pin shipment report provided
Huge Positive SEO Ranking Effect

Keep calm and order now.

Price just $20.


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