Promote your TikTok Profile Grow your TikTok Fans and Hearts for $1

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Promote your TikTok Profile Grow your TikTok Fans and Hearts

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of years, TikTok is a app that has now surpassed more downloads. With more than 500 million monthly active users, TikTok is the app to let your freak flag fly!

What is TikTok?

It's a bit tricky to describe but it can be compared to Vine (the now long gone 6 second video looping platform) is probably one of the best ways to say it. TikTok is meant for creating and for consuming. For creators, it is an app that provides a platform to wow a large audience with really clever videos. This could be anything from lip-syncing to just doing funny random stuff. Where as for consumers (people that just like to watch bare random videos), it's an endless time sap that will have you scrolling and scrolling until your battery eventually dies and going, where's my charger!

Check out some funny / viral TikTok compilation videos!

How TikTok works?

TikTok is generally labelled as a lip syncing platform but that doesn't really nail it down as it's a mishmash of mixed content both good and bad! There is a lot of lip syncing videos, but also a lot of other random videos all done over the top of a song in the background. It's an app that relies more on people making creative videos, along with cool story telling, duets, challenges, costumes & makeup. Not to mention, mood lighting, lots of acting and very liberal use of screen filters. As a user, you get 15 seconds to record a video of your choice. Or you can string multiple video clips together to make one video of up to 60 seconds long.

As a user/consumer (watcher of the videos), you can search for certain things using #hashtags. Such as #funnydogs #funnycats for an endless parody of the said. Or #cooking #food etc to watch food being caught, cooked and prepared from different cuisines and palettes from all around the world. You get the idea! You can then like or comment on those videos as well as follow the people that made/uploaded them.

As a creator (someone that uploads videos), TikTok gives you the ability to reach out to and find many more people (other than the ones you might already reach using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc etc). This makes TikTok quite valuable for marketers especially since it has around 500 million active users according to Bytedance. As well as for anyone that is a business or brand and wants more exposure for their business / products etc.

Promote your TikTok Account Add 100 Followers or 100 Likes

In this service, you can choose between having 100 followers added to your profile. Or get 100 likes on any one of your TikTok videos. You can order as many (unlimited amounts of followers or likes as you want). You can order simultaneously and have both followers added to your profile and likes added to your videos at the same time.

Prices and Amounts

100 TikTok Followers $1
100 TikTok Video Likes/Hearts $1

Followers and Likes Features:

  • All followers are added in a regular fashion using a mix of worldwide accounts.
  • All followers are fully guaranteed for 6 months and we provide free drop replacement.
  • All followers start within 24 hours and are usually completed within a few days.
  • All likes are added in a regular fashion using a mix of worldwide accounts.
  • All likes are fully guaranteed for 6 months with free drop replacement.
  • All likes start within 24 hours and are usually completed within a few days.
  • For larger amounts/orders, followers/likes will be done using a drip fed process.
  • 100% safe methods for your account used.
  • No password or login credentials are required.
  • Only need the link to your profile/video or your username.
  • Full lifetime after-sales support.

What do I need this service for?
Anyone that wants to promote their TikTok account with more followers and video likes needs this service.
How does this service work?
Just place your order for however many likes or followers you need and then send us the link to your profile or your username and or the video link you want the likes added to.
How long does it take to complete?
All followers/likes start within 24 hours and are usually completed in a few days. For large amounts, we will add them using a drip feed process.
Is there a guarantee / money back guarantee?
Yes if we fail to provide your followers or likes before the delivery date you are welcome to ask for a refund should you wish.
What if I have more questions?
Please feel free to reach out to me and send me a direct message.

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100 More TitTok Followrs 1 days $1
200 More TikTok Followes + 100 Likes 2 days $3
1000 More TikTok Followrs and 1000 Likes 7 days $15
5000 TikTok Video Views 3 days $1
25000 TikTok Video Views 4 days $5
5000 TikTok Followers 10 days $50
25000 TikTok Followes 30 days $299
1000 TikTok Hearts 3 days $10
2000 TikTok Hearts 5 days $20
3000 TikTok Hearts 7 days $30
10,000 TikTok Hearts 25 days $99

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