Organic Traffic FUNNEL Promote Your Store Product or Business with Organic Traffic FUNNEL for $15

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Organic Traffic FUNNEL Promote Your Store Product or Business with Organic Traffic FUNNEL

  • Are You Tired of bot traffic and want access to UNLIMITED ORGANIC HUMAN traffic?
  • Are you serious about getting FAST traffic, BUYING traffic, engaging traffic to your business website?
  • Are you looking for a way to generate traffic and increase your SALES, registrations, subscribers and online presence?
  • Are you looking for a way to promote your eBay, Amazon, eCommerce or affiliate products worldwide?IF you answered YES to any of the questions above,

CONGRATULATIONS. Website traffic is one of the most important factors that determine a successful website. This is because it determines the fate of those websites and online entrepreneurs. This is because IF there is no TRAFFIC, there will be No sales, leads, web visitors, hmm low adsence earnings etc. Because of this, massive web traffic is irreversibly NECESSARY and MANDATORY

Types of Traffic (by Category)

Organic Traffic ⭐ This is web traffic consisting ONLY of HUMAN VISITS. Synthetic traffic. This is the type of traffic that is tagged by software or bots. This is usually referred to as SPAM traffic. This is the "Traffic Generated" SUBSECTION of Traffic by SOURCE. Organic Traffic – This is traffic that is made up of people and can come from search engines like Google, Bing, Ask, etc.
Live traffic - from other websites

Referral Traffic – Web visitors referred from other websites

Chinese traffic - this is one example of synthesized traffic generated by the software

Scripted Traffic - This is traffic directed to a specific website by people using custom scripts

Traffic Exchange - This is a practice where webmasters or bloggers exchange website traffic, this works in the form of the Give Me Give You method.

404 Traffic – Online audiences are created by people looking for expired domains or links.
And several other types. We also have

Targeted – When we say targeted traffic, we mean people who are searching for a particular terms, item, good online and are more likely to take action IMMEDIATELY or in the near future. For example, students of literature are looking for books and literary publications to buy or read online for free.
Pampers for breastfeeding mothers (Pampers target group is breastfeeding mothers, because a mechanical engineer has nothing to do with Pampers or with literature students)

Untargeted – This is also known as general traffic. Types of traffic that don't segment a specific section of the online audience (by keyword). From all the illustrations and analysis above, it is clear that the best combination of traffic types is ORGANIC and targeted traffic.


Traffic may be organic, but not targeted, which is wrong.

Difference Between ORGANIC Traffic And Software Traffic.
Building organic traffic takes TIME (but worth it), while millions of inorganic traffic can be generated in no time using software. ORGANIC traffic has a low bounce rate (bounce rate is the average time a web visitor spends on your website before navigating to another website), while inorganic traffic has a very high bounce rate. ORGANIC (and targeted) traffic usually converts more than inorganic traffic. ORGANIC traffic generates more sales and leads, but inorganic traffic can only result in a penalty.

(((((NOTE: No FAKE traffic here)))))

What makes this service unique?
  • * MORE THAN 1554 customers from all over the world TRUST our service
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First of its kind on Seoclerks or anywhere else on the web - real human traffic.
SPECIAL MESSAGE If you don't want unlimited traffic, sales, leads, unique contacts, affiliate sales and more, if you are not looking for any of the above then this site is not for you. But if you want all of the above, you are on the SUCCESS page.
WARNING - Spammers please stay away, I do not sell hits, china traffic, bots (software traffic) or ANYTHING related to any type of traffic or traffic to porn sites, adfly etc. - YOU'RE WELCOME.What do you get with this transportation service?

.**More traffic means more AdSense earnings
.**More traffic means more registrations for your website or offers
.**More traffic means more buyers/customers
.** More traffic means more presence
.**More traffic means more leads and more leads means more LONG TERM sales
.** More traffic means more brand awareness.what did you get

What now?
The next good thing is to PLACE YOUR ORDER for a traffic funnel package, that;
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My name is Atoyebi Kayode Peter, from 2010 till date been a full-time digital marketer I have spent more than $10, 000 on getting organic traffic only to discover that larger percentage of it were bot traffic, FAKE TRAFFIC, this lead me to the search for a reliable, good and steady source of ORGANIC TRAFFIC and that was the basis of setting up this service. It's what worked for me, making it possible for me to have sold over 8,567 services and still counting.
It's a huge opportunity to have come across this service because, it's only through HUMAN traffic that your business can thrive, progress and only way for you to make good sales and record HUGE profit.
Traffic that is not hitleap, robot clicks, traffic from china, traffic exchange or other bad traffic Schemes Your victory is safe and Guaranteed Order now to get a BONUS
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What's included

Search Engine TrafficAdWords Campaignbanner AdsMobile Traffic


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