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Quick Note: The delivery time is so long as I was unable to go on SEOClerks for a few months and did not realise I had received orders. All orders will be completely very fast from now on.

Hitsplosion provides a way to gain masses of traffic for our clients. Our integrated network of sites send traffic received to these sites to a main site which in turn sends traffic to your site. Our network of site is designed to attract maximum traffic from spam bots and crawlers which we trick into our site and then redirect to another website that gives your link maximum traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it real humans? Some of our traffic is real humans, some of it is bots we've attracted. The human visitors we do attract have a very low view to registration ratio as they usually don't actually see the site but they are the ones that load it so this is not for people looking for traffic that directly gains signups and clients. However, it does indirectly help as it helps you sell advertisements and it gives you a better alexa ranking which all helps to making your website more people.

Does it help my Alexa Ranking? Yes! Very much so, in the original iFrame system that we used to use that doesn't deliver as many views as the current one one of our sites managed to get an alexa ranking of under 800,000 which is great considering the iFrames were our primary form of traffic.

How do we attract bots? That's our little secret to make sure our service stays limited and exclusive but we can tell you one of the ways is social media, Twitter loves to send automated traffic. We have many other ways too.

Is that the only source of traffic? Fortunately not, they provide a nice stable flow of traffic but this is Hitsplosion not Hitdripfeed. We use free systems already in place to drive masses of extra traffic from real people's computers from all around the world to our main site for that extra boost.

Is it AdSense safe? We can't be 100% sure but we have had no incidents so far with any advertisement networks blocking sites using our system, in fact it has helped many people earn extra money from their advertising. Traffic attracts advertisers, it's our little secret that we help send traffic your way. We have a plan if AdSense ever does decide to block us, we'll have a way to get round it as soon as the first incident occurs, if it ever does.

Can I resell? Yes, we love resellers. Why should we complain about you if you're buying our service over and over again. We also have an exclusive deal for resellers. You can get big discounts on our service if you help us gain extra traffic to our site (trust us when we say, it's easy and takes very very little work). It also gives you a glimpse into how part of our system works.

What if I have low bandwidth space? If you have low bandwidth space we'd suggest you buy some of our smaller traffic services like our 10,000 views one. Then see how much bandwidth you have then try our 50,000 views service. Just keep doing this until you find the maximum amount of traffic you can buy from us per month.

If I buy unlimited permanent traffic, can I have it stopped? Contact us with proof you bought the service for that link and we can stop the flow of traffic to your link if you so wish. We understand sometime situations occur in which people don't want as much traffic such as reaching bandwidth limits.

Can I gain video views with this? Unfortunately we cannot supply YouTube, Dailymotion, etc views with this. As to if it works with Vine, we are unsure so we'd suggest not using this for any form of video views. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This is what 5 iframes will get you in a day.

This is what 5 iframes will get you in a month.

All our sales go through SEOClerks which is a great freelancing site that ensures the buyer and seller have their money protected.

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Traffic Unlimited Monthly 200000 1000000 10000 500000 50000 100000 1000 Uk Usa Views View Hit Hitleap Blogspot Source Forever Hitsplosion Alexa Ranking Increase Higher Lower Better Pr Rank Adsense Safe Publicityclerk Buysellads Advertisement Advet
additional 25,000 views 6 days $2
additional 50,000 views 12 days $4
1 permanent iframe 1 days $15

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