setup one AdWords PPC ad group for $12

setup one AdWords PPC ad group

I am a AdWords Certified Individual in both Advanced Search and Advanced Display and work with best practices through the Google Certified Partner program. 10+ years experience.

Basic Gig Includes:

  • Research of your landing page content.
  • Ad group title.
  • 10 - 25 keywords in broad match modified, phrase and exact match types.
  • 2 text ads.

The ads, ad group title, ad text and keywords will all be created with maximum relevance to each other and your landing page. This will improve your quality score, ultimately earning your ads higher positions with lower cost per click.

You Will Receive:

A .doc file with your ad group title, your keyword list and two text ads. You will create a new ad group in your AdWords account and simply copy and paste the content.

** English language only.**

The Campaign Setup Extras will require MCC account access. This extra includes:
  • Setup of one search campaign with your specified goals, targets and budget
  • Setup of relevant site link, call, social and location extensions
  • Automatic bidding setup to manage your budget
  • Relevant performance automations
  • Relevant negative keywords

Please no suspended accounts, affiliate marketing, mlm, or medical


Adwords Googleadwards Advertising Ppc Cpc
create an additional ad group. 0 days $10
setup a search campaign and optimize for performance. 2 days $40
setup a search campaign with 3 additional ad groups and optimize for performa... 3 days $80

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$12 - In stock