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Using Adsense on your website? low traffic and bad earning? all problem would be solved if you follow this service. I am going to show a way (only for $9) where you can buy cheap AdSense safe traffic that will convert your visitor to real money.

Yes, it 100% safe with 200% Money back guarantee.

I will share only a website address and a coupon code. using the coupon code you can purchase traffic at cheap.

Terms: $1 for 100 visitors. that indicate $5 for 500 visitor.you have to purchase minimum 25,000 visitors for a month to get cheap using coupon.
  1. Try 500 visitor first for only $5 (if you want to test)
  2. Then purchase 25,000 visitors for $375 (using a coupon it will be $356)
  3. Sit back to your chair or go sleep to bed.
  4. Check your adsense account daily.
  5. Say thank you to me.

Earnings: Possible earning will be $750-1250 for 25,000 visitors without any issue. it also could be less for your keyword CPC. I cannot guarantee exactly $ or such.

I will deliver a PDF file as an instant download. purchase the service only for $9 and start earning.

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  • agenciacohete
    agenciacohete 2 months ago


    • moumita

      You are welcome sir. Hope a good earnings near you. 

  • maergrey
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  • maergrey
    maergrey 1 year ago


    • moumita

      Thanks for the order. Please check you got a PDF file to download. Just open the file and follow instruction. 

  • tohongduc
    tohongduc 1 year ago

    Dear Sir

    Pls get traffic to web:



    • moumita

      Please follow the guideline. 

  • locphan
    locphan 1 year ago

    hi, my site: http://vntravelreviews.com/


    • moumita

      Thank you. Please follow the documents. 

  • heine1995
    heine1995 1 year ago

    Bought wrong.................................................

    • moumita

      So sad but this order delivered automatically. I don't have option to cancel. 

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  • buihoangvu
    buihoangvu 2 years ago

    He try to fool you buy adsense traffic at his website https://www.moumita.net/product/buy-cheap-adsense-safe-visitor/
    Download the pdf file of him: ​https://www.dropbox.com/s/6o9by0xgqbajqhe/Adsense%20Safe%20Traffic.pdf?dl=0

    Stop buying this service.
    He try to fool you.
    Be carefully !!!

    • moumita

      Hi, Non sense buyer! You really fool. this is not my website and your shared file will not worked for the material i offer. i am just a traffic reseller and sale valuable traffic to client not like you.

  • maergrey
    maergrey 2 years ago

    thanks for the information

  • pentax
    pentax 2 years ago

    Fast and good service, thank you!

    • moumita

      Hope your success with AdSense.

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      Thank you for positive ratings.

    YAKINUS 3 years ago


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      Thanks, I hope you will earn much from AdSense.

    AAUDF 3 years ago

    Thank you

    • moumita

      Welcome again!

  • maergrey
    maergrey 3 years ago

    thanks for the file to get adsense safe traffic for my website

  • mithu9468
    mithu9468 3 years ago


    • moumita

      You are welcome! and contact me at anytime if you need any help.

  • bolluvinaykumar
    bolluvinaykumar 3 years ago

    Great Seller, Delivered as promised

    • moumita


  • marcelix
    marcelix 3 years ago

    excelent, thank you !

    • moumita

      Thanks for your great feedback.

Buyers Comments

  • FFitnessModel

    Hi, is still this method valid and available? Thank you.

    3 years ago
  • moumita

    Yes, sir! it valid and available to till now. this is nothing complex! all everything buy safe traffic for adsense from a good place. lets reply if you have any more question.

    3 years ago
  • iitshop

    I want this service but now I don't have money. I'm saving to buy this

    2 years ago
  • agenciacohete

    So whats the deal?... traffic??.. and what's the pdf for?...

    7 months ago
  • moumita

    You should read service details first.

    The deal is only for an adsense traffic source
    The pdf said only a website address and a few tips to use them for good traffic for adsense. nothing else..

    7 months ago
  • agenciacohete

    Thanks for your answer, but its woking 100% without any risk pf getring banned by adsense?

    7 months ago
  • moumita

    Yes exactly, but you may need to use their provided safety guide for use their traffic forever without any banned. you will get all kind of support to make your adsense journey. this is guaranteed and their support team is really unbelievable.

    7 months ago
  • ebus404

    i want an ad coupon for facebook or google adword

    30 days ago
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