20000 Traffic Exchange Website Hits for $3

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20000 Traffic Exchange Website Hits

Get 20000 hits to your website url from worldwide traffic exchange networks. These visits are good for making your site look busy to sell ad space, CPM advertising, blackhat CPA, PTP, Alexa, etc. It is NOT used to gain sales, so please only purchase this if you know how to make good use of TE hits.

The visitors are from all over the world and will stay on your website page for approx 10-15 seconds, unless you purchase a longer timer in the extras below. Most hits can be tracked by 3rd party stat trackers, but some may not show because of short visit length. Bounce rate is obviously 100% at 10 seconds, as they leave to go on to the next site in the traffic exchange, so only buy if you need this type of traffic for the reasons mentioned above.

You can choose the amount per day, such as 500 per day for 40 days, 1000 per day for 20 days, etc. (max is approx 1000-1500 daily). Visits will show as direct to your website. Your url must be clean with no popups, malware or adult content.

Get a TRUCKLOAD of hits NOW!!!

See the extras below if you want even more hits or to have most of your hits come from just 1-3 countries. Thanks!


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add 5000 more hits 1 days $1
add 50000 extra hits 1 days $7
add 100000 extra hits 1 days $13
target up to 3 countries 1 days $2
extend timer to 20+ seconds 1 days $2

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