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Now, we deliver traffic on an hourly basis(Drip Feed). What does this mean to you? If you placed an order for 5000 traffic, we will deliver the traffic in the following manner. That is 5000 traffic will be divided into 7 days and 24hours per day. Assumed you set the days of delivery to 7 days.

So, 5000/7 days/24hours= approximately 29 unique visitors per hour.

NOTE: After your traffic campaign is running, inbox me if you want to add a few Geo/Countries Targeting on your order and also add up to 4 categories. It is free of charge!

Traffic will be delivered in 7 to 30 days, your choice. You can choose one of the following types of traffic

  1. Website exposure
  2. Generate sales
  3. Generate Leads

This proof our traffic are real human visitors.

We accept both goo.gl & bit.ly/bitly.com, shortened URL for tracking monitoring. Give your unique Goo.gl redirect link, we would enter that into the system.

We understand that AdSense earnings are a big deal to you. We are now able to set up a system to cater to your goals.

If we know a site is Adsense supported or ad-supported we will do our best to cater them to a network that handles that. However, that does not mean we guarantee any Adsense ads clicks on your site.

Ads clicks depend on many factors like:
  • Web Design
  • Site Navigation
  • Ads Placement Unit
  • Site Loading Speed
  • Product promotion
  • Country targeting
  • and so on...

Country and category, watch the following video.

You may receive ad clicks, sales. Leads opt-ins but they cannot be guaranteed. We, naturally, cannot control visitors' actions.

100% Adsense Safe!

This is bot traffic or real people will visit our websites?

Traffic is 100% human. No datacenters, no proxies. All real residential ips and active users.
People don't seem to understand that if their site is selling junk, it won't sell no matter how much traffic you throw at it. If you spend the time to find your market and know your audience you do well.

What is ROI like on Adsense traffic?
This is Adsense Safe Traffic, not Adsense Traffic.
No guarantee any percentage of ROI.

What is low bounce rate?
Google and many other SEO sites state that bounce rates less than 50% are suspicious. The average bounce from Google Organic is 60%. Bots can control bounce rate and other factors. If we provided bot traffic, we would easily lower the bounce rate, but that is not the case. 70% bounce rate is completely normal and industry standard indication of real human traffic.

Note: Not all niches are popular. Because we are not using software, bot, IP masked etc for sending visitors to your website, certain niches might need more time to deliver. This applies to countries popularity. In this instance, US is certainly getting traffic to be delivered faster.

What is refund policy?
Sorry, strictly NO refund!

** Before placing an order - Please read our TOS - https://goo.gl/XZbi1g

All Orders Are Processed Monday To Sunday 10:00 - 24:00, Tuesday: 10.00 - 17:00
Visit here to view the current time in Kuala Lumpur and see if I am available at these hours. Orders will not be processed and inbox messages will never be replied to outside these hours which can be viewed by checking here If you have a question please INBOX me.

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