• 10,000 Organic Google Keyword Targeted Website Traffic Visitors
In This Unique Service You Can Get Unlimited Organic Google Keyword Searchers Visiting Your Site

From Any Google Search Engine You Want!

Are you looking for more traffic on your site from your targeted keywords? Do you want more sales, clicks, clients opt-ins, subscribers, buyers and earnings? Are you tired of learning and doing SEO rank and traffic building on your own? Want an easy and affordable way of getting visitors to your site from Google from any keywords you want?

Then you're in the right place! Because we've just finished perfecting our Google Keyword Traffic System and are ready to roll it out to the public! With our unique organic Google Keyword Traffic System we are able to send you real live Organic Search Engine traffic to your site from any Google Search Engine!

We can target any specific or general keywords from any Search Engine or Country also and have them land on YOUR site from those SERP pages! Whether you want organic keyword traffic from Google.com Google.co.uk Google.ie Google.fr Google.de Google.es Google.it Google.co.in or any Google Search Engine.

We can send organic traffic from any Google Search Engine / Country. Plus with more targeting and filtering options available like the ability to choose either mobile or desktop users, even specify the browser as well.

Platform Targeting Options Available
- Can target Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox Desktop browser users.
- Can target Android, iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry & Samsung Mobile browsers etc.

Country Targeting Options Available

The United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, El Salvador.
Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Russia Spain, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Norway, Romania, Finland, Denmark, Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Croatia, Belarus, Latvia
Asia & the world
China, Japan, South Korea , India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Iran, Thailand, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Georgia, Bangladesh, Syria, Oman, Qatar, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Seychelles, Mauritius, Sudan, Angola, Tanzania, Zambia Ghana, Namibia, Australia, New Zealand, Guam, New Caledonia.

Imagine floods of real Search Engine users searching YOUR targeted keywords in the Search Engines and then visiting YOUR site from those keywords completely naturally!

That's exactly what you'll get when you purchase our Organic Google Keyword Targeted Website Visitors Traffic Service!

Features of Organic Keyword Traffic Service
  • Unlimited Organic Search Engine Keyword visitors traffic
  • 1 of a kind unique service on SEOClerks!
  • Level X3 Seller w/ 15+ years traffic trading experience
  • Sophisticated intelligently built web based system
  • Traffic drip fed over about 7 days time
  • Country or Search Engine targeted
  • Country Geo-Targeting Options Available
  • Platform Targeting Options Available
  • High quality service with money back guarantee
  • Traffic processed and started within 1-6 hours
  • 100% real human search engine traffic
  • 100% Google Adsense safe
  • 100% All other Advertiser safe
  • 100% All Google animal updates safe

Benefits of Our Google Keyword Search Engine Traffic
Unlimited Real people Search Engine Traffic with Your Keywords
Can improve website ranking positions for your keywords by CTR
Improves and boosts your domain metrics, Alexa rating, mozRank etc
Tons of geo and platform filtering and targeting options available

10,000+ Google Keyword Searchers on your site!

Hey did you know? - Check this out!...
There is some talk amongst SEO experts and gurus how CTR could be the biggest SEO factor of them all. That Google ranks sites high in the SERPs by which ones are clicked on the most and not by how many backlinks they have or how great their on-page SEO is. That does help but there is indeed some direct correlation in this claim as it makes sense since Google wants to rank the best, most perfect choice for a searcher and one way of knowing that, is by ranking the site that gets the most clicks highest in the SERPs.

So one way to get Google to take notice of that about your site is to make that happen by getting people to search something to do with your site in Google or whatever and then click on it. Through continued searching and then visiting your site, this in time will improve the ranking of your site and make Google think that your site is the one that people are most clicking on. That means through continued use of this service, you can outrank your competitors and do better than them without even needing to lift a finger! Just sit back and watch as the visitors start searching and rolling into YOUR site and your rankings start improving!

Don't believe it? Just look at and listen to what our past clients say!...

What You Will Get?
10,000+ Organic Google Search Engine Visitors by any Keyword(s)
Larger plans available!
All visitors drip fed naturally over 7-30 days time.
You'll get about 500-1000+ unique organic visits p/ day for 7-30 days.
More traffic over much longer periods are available.
What site are allowed / what's not?
We accept all and any type of site usually except anything illegal.
Your website must not use frame breakers or exit page popups.
What do we need to get started?
All we need is your website URL and a keyword or some keywords.
You can supply up to 10 different keywords per URL.
Is this traffic Google Adsense safe?
Yes 100% guaranteed. We are sending you traffic to your site from Google itself (or any Search Engine). We're only sending you what Google would send you if someone was to search in Google, see and click on your site.
Are any tools or bots used to generate/send the traffic?
No bots used no but tools were used to build what is an intelligently built sophisticated system. It's mainly a web based system. Obviously I can't tell you how it works as it's a trade secret, but if you can prove we use a bot or proxies or anything I'll give your money back no questions asked!
Where does the traffic come from what country?
By default our traffic is world wide from all major countries. However, we are able to target specific countries or regions from America to Europe. Google.com traffic will be from America, Google.co.uk from UK, Google.fr from France etc etc. Just tell us which Google version you want it from when ordering.
Do the Search Term Keywords show in Google Analytics?
Yes and no. A long time ago, Google stopped showing search term keywords in Google Analytics for its logged in users. You can read about it online. Most of your traffic may be from logged in Google users so it will hide their keywords searched and show up as "not provided". Rest assured, we are sending the traffic that is using your keywords and the service will work the same way regardless.
How long does it take to improve rankings?
For low competition keywords a few weeks with 10-100k can expect positive improvements. For low to medium comp keywords 100-250k over a couple months can. For medium to high comp keywords, a couple more months and twice as much traffic. For high comp keywords up to 6 months with up to 1kk traffic.
Is there a money back guarantee or refund policy?
Obviously like anything you buy, your statutory rights aren't effected. But if we don't send you all the traffic you purchased, we'll give you a full refund no asked questions! Your satisfaction is the main thing above anything else!

For any more questions just send me a message!
If you need more just add it as many times as you need!
All traffic will start within the hour usually.

Check out our Extras for more Organic Google Keyword Search Engine visitors!

NOTE: Our prices are reseller friendly! You are welcome to resell this service and we offer custom affiliate discounts for big resellers. This same traffic sells for 5x+ the same amount on the Internet.

9/12/17 - New plans and prices: We've changed our minimum amount and prices. From now on, in the standard service, we only sell minimum 10,000 visitors for $9. Extra amount prices changed also.

DISCOUNT CODES: Use code "10percent" for 10% off!
Returning clients can get further discount codes and gifts.

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  • jackysousil
    jackysousil 3 days ago

    Service delivered as agreed, thanks for the attention and feedback in all my doubts.
    Service delivered as agreed, thanks for the attention and feedback in all my doubtService delivered as agreed, thanks for the attention and feedback in all my doubts.

    • idealmike

      Thanks you're welcome! Cheers and to your success! A+++

  • yma2018
    yma2018 4 days ago

    Perfect job thank you very much!

    • idealmike

      Thanks and welcome cheers and to your success! A+++

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    bigleaguesearch 4 days ago


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  • DigiWerk
    DigiWerk 4 days ago

    Best Service ever =)

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      Thanks! Appreciated! A++++

  • webteacher
    webteacher 8 days ago

    Service exactly as described ! I'm very satisfied about yout service. I'll buy again for sure. Thanks a lot

    • idealmike

      Thanks! You're very welcome for that each and every time! Cheers good luck with it all and to your success! What an awesome client! A++++

  • Kancifa
    Kancifa 9 days ago

    IdealMike has delivered my campaign as described in the service. My clicks coming in steady. I am happy with his service. I will recommend him to anybody looking for traffic. Mike you have done an excellent job. Thank you.

    • idealmike

      Thanks and welcome! Cheers and to your success! A+++

  • Kancifa
    Kancifa 9 days ago

    IdealMike has delivered my campaign as promised. My clicks coming in steady. I am happy with his service. I will recommend him to anybody looking for traffic. Mike you have done an excellent job. Thank you.

  • Kancifa
    Kancifa 9 days ago

    IdealMike has delivered my campaign as requested. I can see clicks coming in. I will recommend him to anybody looking for traffic. Mike you have done an excellent job. Thank you.

  • Kancifa
    Kancifa 9 days ago

    IdealMike has delivered my campaign as requested. I will recommend him to anybody looking for traffic.
    Mike you have done an excellent job. Thank you.

  • Kancifa
    Kancifa 16 days ago

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the quick delivery. Hang on there because I want to order for each of the countries.
    I will place the order now. Each of the countries with their google network.
    Best Regards, Kancifa

    • idealmike

      Excellent Kancifa thanks!

      Good luck with it all cheers and to your success!


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  • phuber
    phuber 24 days ago

    Thanks a lot.
    Please I did an extra buy for You also purchased the following extras:

      • Send total 30,000 Organic Keyword visitors for an extra $20
      • Could you check it please
      • Thanks
      • Peter

                                • idealmike

                                  Yes indeed it will continue for about 2-3 months. Will check in on you before then. Thanks and good luck with it all until then cheers and to your success! A+++

                              • DigiWerk
                                DigiWerk 24 days ago


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                              Buyers Comments

                              • feek

                                does this works on youtube video ?

                                2 years ago
                              • yanu

                                can you get the traffic from country Indonesia?

                                2 years ago
                              • Bilelbboy

                                If i place an order now would you'll start delevering traffic imideatlly ?

                                2 years ago
                              • idealmike

                                Hi thanks for your question. Yes usually. Unfortunately the service is unavailable for 24-48 hours. Sorry for inconvenience. Please check back then. Regards.

                                2 years ago
                              • InternetMaster

                                Hi, If i provide google shorten link will you accept ! beacause i want to track it from googlr analytics

                                2 years ago
                              • yoav404

                                organic traffic means clicks too for AdSense?

                                1 year ago
                              • idealmike

                                Organic traffic means organic traffic.

                                1 year ago
                              • acarosi

                                hi sir, can you give Italian traffic and italian keyword ?
                                thanks in Advance

                                10 months ago
                              • Joki75

                                IdealMike is best seller, he is honest and best!

                                10 months ago
                              • coconutcountry

                                will these click off if they are sent to a youtube video (getting google penalty for not watching video, staying on youtube etc, even if video is good)?

                                9 months ago
                              • idealmike

                                Hi CC I cannot say as we have no control over what actions they take when they visit the video. The good thing about this traffic is that's it's targeted by keyword though so they could be semi interested in your video when they land on it based on the keywords you choose to target. We can do a small test if you like. Hope this helps!

                                9 months ago
                              • coconutcountry

                                I think it does Mike. I'm about to start a Pinterest order.

                                9 months ago
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