get UNLIMITED Real web traffic for $5

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get UNLIMITED Real web traffic


It's a premium promotion campaign, but please don't ask for a few dollars what AdWords and FB ads offer for hundreds or thousands of dollars!!!

Get targeted web traffic from main social media websites and search engines.

- from 100 to 300 daily visitors;
- 1 month of traffic;
- targeted / categorized web traffic;
- USA & EU (most traff!c);
- mobile traffic (because this is the trend now, and it's better);
- India, China, Pakistan and other countries are avoided;
- you'll monitor the traff!c via a tracking link from goo,gl;
- fast delivery (1 day);
- 24/7 support.

Please note that I can't guarantee sales or subscriptions, and only the traff!c monitored via the goo,gl link (owned by G00gle) will be admited as proof of traffic! If your private statistic counter record different data, this service don't includes support about how to fix its issues.

Statistic counters can record different data:
- because by default they monitor just specific visits, not all traffic;
- they are affected by your website loading speed (huge loading speed means recording shorter visits or even not recording them if you're not using dedicated RAM &CPU resources from your hosting provider);
- 503 server errors (it means the website will not be loaded, and no traffic will be recorded);
- a lot of other reasons.

I don't accept orders from new, blank or suspicious buyer profiles (get some reviews from other sellers, and then you're welcomed). Also, your buyer rating should be 100%...

What's included

Search Engine TrafficMobile Traffic


Targeted Web Traffic Visits Visitors


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add up to 1000 daily visits for same 1 month (from 500 to 1,000) 1 days $15
add up to 3,000 daily visits for same 1 month (from 1,500 to 3,000) 1 days $40
add up to 10,000 daily visits for same 1 month (from 5,000 to 10,000) 1 days $100
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