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User Ratings

  • genial17
    genial17 2 months ago

    Top Seller

    • Youbiz

      Outstanding experience!

  • travelinman
    travelinman 4 months ago

    Thank you... I have a question... don't you think it's odd that all the different countries that the traffic came from have the exact same amount of traffic? That seems very odd to me!!

    Thank you

    • Youbiz

      Outstanding experience! Please check your inbox.

  • pctweaks
    pctweaks 5 months ago

    Nice job!

    • Youbiz

      Outstanding experience!

  • Trollis123
    Trollis123 6 months ago


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      Outstanding experience!

  • disguided
    disguided 6 months ago

    Always up to the mark, I am a regular buyer and he never disappointed me.

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      Outstanding experience!

  • howsea
    howsea 8 months ago


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      Outstanding experience!

  • terrywilson3
    terrywilson3 8 months ago

    Awesome work! Will order again

    • Youbiz

      Outstanding experience!

  • wandetos
    wandetos 9 months ago


    • Youbiz

      Outstanding experience!

  • OreVille
    OreVille 10 months ago


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      Outstanding experience!

  • Spazhandler
    Spazhandler 10 months ago

    very awesome, exactly as stated!

    • Youbiz

      Outstanding experience!

  • Freelancerz
    Freelancerz 10 months ago

    Delivered as promised.

    • Youbiz

      Outstanding experience!

  • paolago
    paolago 11 months ago


    • Youbiz

      Outstanding experience!

  • PlexusRadio
    PlexusRadio 11 months ago

    Thanks for your service, a good job!

    • Youbiz

      Outstanding experience!

  • 1movies
    1movies 11 months ago


    • Youbiz

      Outstanding experience!

  • PlexusRadio
    PlexusRadio 1 year ago

    A good job, thank you!

    • Youbiz

      Outstanding experience!

  • Pan1782
    Pan1782 1 year ago


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      Outstanding experience!

  • mrpugi
    mrpugi 1 year ago

    Seller did what was promised, however traffic does not appear on google analytics.

    • Youbiz

      Outstanding experience!

  • klikcpa
    klikcpa 1 year ago


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      Outstanding experience!

  • zzzmiy
    zzzmiy 1 year ago

    so fast so cool.thanks!

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      Outstanding experience!

Buyers Comments

  • zulkarnanabdul

    Do you mean if I give "Engineering" as a keyword, you can drive the traffic to my website for those who keyed in Google on that keyword?

    2 years ago
  • Youbiz

    Yes, you will get keyword targeted traffic.

    2 years ago
  • zulkarnanabdul

    Ok I will give you the opportunity and order now. Hope to see some impact on Google search.

    2 years ago
  • lovethokoh

    can you do redirect website and keyword below

    1 http://track.mobetrack.com/aff_c?offer_id=368&aff_id=293184

    KW1 sales webinar

    KW2 automated webinar

    KW3 Marketing webinars

    KW4 webinar services

    KW5 advertising webinar

    2 years ago
  • superskin

    Could you sent traffic for my envato portfolio page? Is this safe?

    2 years ago
  • mdanwarhc

    I have following questions:
    1. Can this traffic trackable through google analytics?
    2. If yes, how much is the bounce rate?
    3. Do you provide 100% traffic from US and Canada?
    4. Is it keyword targetted traffic?
    5. For how many days, you provide the traffic?

    2 years ago
  • lovethokoh

    can you send traffic to the website and keywords below


    KW1 Free bitcoin investment

    KW2 Trusted bitcoin earning sites

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    KW4 Earn bitcoin Instantly

    KW5 Best bitcoin earning sites

    2 years ago
  • gerome

    can you split in 30 days?

    2 years ago
  • khaking252

    how many visitors you will provide daily ? what is your traffic source ? How long is Average visit duration ? it is adsense safe ...?

    12 months ago
  • mangatz

    does your service increase adsense revenue?

    11 months ago
  • sambare

    I just bought some tons of websites and I am out of cash. I like to partner with you by sending traffic to them while I pay you continuously or give you share of what I get from each site's PPC.
    Will like to hear from you.

    PS. Some of my websites are supernews.online and showruns.com.

    10 months ago
  • aloyce

    https://soshoca.com can you send me traffic here

    9 months ago
  • videos11

    can u accept this website

    8 months ago
  • iamwilsonweb

    hello, can you give me targeted keyword on diabetes

    6 months ago
  • sachinverma30


    Need quality traffic for Tech support calls or porn traffice for porn popup calls will u be
    able to provide that traffic for us i need 50000 daily traffic USA Targeted country.


    sachin verma

    6 months ago
  • thiago426

    Hello Friend

    Does this type of traffic work for sites in Brazil?

    6 months ago
  • MissJeam

    1. How long is the page view duration?2. What is the bounce rate?3. How many URLS/Keywords per order?4. Can the traffic be limited to Vietnam only?5. Can you send 200-300 visitors per day?

    25 days ago
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