• Send your solo ads or email ads to big targeted list
I will send your Business Opportunity Solo ads or Email marketing ad to 35 000 members. All of them are interested in making money online, starting a home business
or working from home. These 35 000 plus most of them United States
members are REAL genuine people targeted to your business or income
opportunities. Free Offers usually works great with this kind of email
ads / campaign.
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User Ratings

  • nguye2jk
    nguye2jk 2 days ago

    Great seller! Looking forward to coming back again!!

    • kolala

      thank you so much

  • dominusmarkham
    dominusmarkham 14 days ago

    All good, hope to work together again soon on more projects

    • kolala

      thank  you so much

  • rekisa18
    rekisa18 2 months ago


    If your offer for the bonus is on, please send out the following below.


    TITLE: 7 Sales To $100K in Profits - The System is LIVE NOW!!
    URL: https://bit.ly/2B4uOJ9
    TEXTarallel Profits has just gone live and the doors have officially opened.>> Click here to take action nowhttps://bit.ly/2B4uOJ9You now have the chance to replicate a 3-Step business model that has HUGE demand and LOW competition, where you only need 7 Sales to build a business that makes $100,

    • kolala

      yes sure, thanks

  • ronnierokksmith
    ronnierokksmith 2 months ago


    I track all my clicks. Seems you didn’t send any clicks.

    you can see the results here: https://www.clickmagick.com/share/787031280223

    • kolala

      no my friend you actually seen traffic already check bit ly or goo gl to track it , that link is iframe and not working for tracking

  • mlubert
    mlubert 4 months ago

    Great, thank you!

    • kolala

      thank you

  • Rijan
    Rijan 7 months ago

    Thank you! 

    • kolala

      thank you

  • scoopy10
    scoopy10 7 months ago

    Very well, I will contact you once order i complete

    • kolala

      thank you

  • redashahin
    redashahin 7 months ago

    Thank you so much

    A great service I've got to signups

    • kolala

      thank you

  • finnel10k
    finnel10k 9 months ago

    Thanks For This Awesome Service.

    • kolala

      thank you

  • cbmi1
    cbmi1 9 months ago


    how can i see my ads click?
    about the bonus, how i can claim?


    • kolala

      thanks , details sent to you

  • maktarl143
    maktarl143 9 months ago

    I see clicks but I didn't get any leads.

    • kolala

      you must be wait at least 24 to 72 hours to see convertions be patient

  • nagesh185
    nagesh185 10 months ago

    great work.
    I will give a big thumbs up

    • kolala

      thank you

  • entkalker
    entkalker 10 months ago

    I only get 1 view through your service and a bouncerate of 100%
    so its absolutly wasted time and money

    • kolala

      thuis buyer is very dishonest he asked me to do something i didnt offer for $2 after i refused he writes this dishonest review he already recieved bunch of clicks for only $2 by anyway all my happy customers can't be wrong

  • Thyorn
    Thyorn 10 months ago

    Thanks for job

    • kolala

      thank you

  • spitcher
    spitcher 10 months ago

    Thanks, Do we know what type of demographic the email targeted?

    • kolala

      thank you, yes sure

  • johndrl
    johndrl 11 months ago

    Let me laugh. 35000+ contacts, 4 visits the baddest rate of the planet. Keep the 2 bucks & enjoy your coffee.

    • kolala

      this buyer is an liar he claimed he sent me wrong message but his message is correct he already recieve big traffic to his saturated clickbank link for only $2 , very dishonest by anyway all my happy customers cant be wrong

  • Phoenix1
    Phoenix1 12 months ago

    I am using an Android please send me copy format I can view.

    • kolala

      yes it sent please check, thanks

  • sypex
    sypex 1 year ago

    Doing nothing, only taking money.

    All cliks only from my ads


    • kolala

      very dishonest review he just ordered basic and already recieved 77 clicks just hours and even convertions he claimed that his own ads by anyway all my positive reviews can be wrong

Buyers Comments

  • mona28

    how work i send ad or you send emails

    1 year ago
  • kolala

    yes i do send solo ads

    1 year ago
  • Metalix001

    Can I send my link in cpa. Without a landing page?

    1 year ago
  • kolala

    yes sure cpa direct links works accepted,

    1 year ago
  • iribak

    i have a free ebook zbout making money can you promote this ebook ?

    1 year ago
  • kolala

    yes sure i can promote it

    1 year ago
  • entkalker

    Do you accept Clickbank links?

    12 months ago
  • sifana

    1.not bot?
    2.Safe to adsense or no ?
    3.there tracking ?

    11 months ago
  • kolala

    this is not a bot this is own list

    yes safe to adsense

    you can use tracking too

    11 months ago
  • pawarabhi77

    i want to promote my product in india. do u promote?

    10 months ago
  • pawarabhi77

    reply me...i want to promote in india can u?

    9 months ago
  • kolala

    i dont promote to india only

    9 months ago
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