Get European web traffic for website

Real Human visitors 100,000 From European Union for a month
Source of traffic - geo targeted from EUROPE
No Bots,No Proxies
Fast Delivery
start in few hours only
2000-3000 daily visitors (cca. 5-7days delivery time) or faster/slower if you wish
Duration can be up to one month if requested
Direct traffic without referer
Google analytics track able

Dont accept for this Service:

Shortened URLs from Adfly ect
Direct DownloadsURLs
Adult sites (soft adult may be accepted)

Service proof with goo.gle or bitly URL shorten service link from a start.

Boost SERP and Alexa Rank.

Improve your ranking by continuous visitors

Genuine website promotion through a legit Advertising Network
Not guaranteed: Ad Clicks, Conversions
You may receive sales or opt-ins but they cannot be guaranteed as no one
can guarantee that.
We, naturally, cannot control visitors' actions as no one can, not you or us.

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If the seller fails to deliver the service in the specified time, the order will automatically cancel returning your funds.

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*includes the price of the service

User Ratings

  • fangfap
    fangfap 6 months ago


    I would like to hire you again

    The same task but different url

    Can you send me a request?

    • Loppyservices

      Yes.. We can.. Thanks once again

Buyers Comments

  • reviewexpert

    Hello Dear,
    I want to hire you
    can you give me a long service
    first day 500, 2nd day 1000, 3rd day 1000 and go on.
    can you do like this?

    2 months ago
  • reviewexpert

    I don't know, how to inbox.
    Please send me.

    2 months ago
  • alphaziko47

    i want to order your service and this is my web site : www.wikiturn.com

    2 months ago
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