• Mega Backlink Indexer Software
  • Mega Backlink Indexer Software
  • Mega Backlink Indexer Software

Version: 1.1.4

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server

Additional Requirements

.NET Framework


Not Included

Mega Backlink Indexer v1.1.4

Index Unlimited URLs Anytime You Like!

~What Is Mega Backlinks Indexer?~
Mega Backlink Indexer offers a fast and effective solution for all of your link indexing needs. Easily index an unlimited number of URLs with nothing more than a few clicks! Setup in just seconds!

Never again will you wait what feels like forever for the major search engines to find your backlinks!

~How It Works~
Mega​ Backlink Indexer works by adding your backlinks to hundreds of different public websites and this in turn allows Google to find your and index your links in no time!

It's as simple as pasting in your backlinks and letting it run!


  • Index Unlimited URLs
  • Full Proxy Support
  • Full Multi-threading Support
  • Choose How Many Services To Use For Indexing
  • 100% Socket Based Indexing
  • Live results
  • Save Results Via .csv
  • Save Results Via .txt

What You'll Receive
  • License Key Within 15 Hours(Usually within 6)
  • All Updates Free For Life
  • Customer Support All Year Round


Can I request a feature?
Sure! Send me a message anytime.

How long after purchase will I receive my License key?
License Keys will almost always be provided within 6 hours but in rare cases may take up to 15. Depending on the time of day keys will often be delivered within just a couple of hours.

User Ratings

  • INWD
    INWD 24 days ago


  • youseemkika
    youseemkika 26 days ago

    seller is so lazy and give me no reply i dont recommed any one to buy this services

    SEORANKINGS 1 month ago

    Also does it need for me to add proxy , and how long does it takes the link to index

  • shoutscoop
    shoutscoop 1 month ago

    Trusted and recommended seller. Great Communication and support as well as fast delivery A ++

  • jayproaz
    jayproaz 1 month ago

    Thank you soo much.

  • Kim305222
    Kim305222 1 month ago

    no it went through how do i use it best?

  • didi27
    didi27 5 months ago

    thank you very much ! it worked

  • y5zone
    y5zone 5 months ago

    Thanks, managed activated.

  • helpbit
    helpbit 6 months ago

    Ok. Good. Thank you

  • seo198
    seo198 8 months ago

    ok thanks excellent works

Buyers Comments

  • djqb031

    does this work for youtube videos?

    2 years ago
  • santos9805

    The Mega Backlink Indexer v1.1.4 INDEX THE URLS OF MY SITES ???? OR THE BACKLINKS URLS I CREATE ??????

    2 years ago
  • quanghe

    Can you tell me the number of websites can be sent to be?

    2 years ago
  • eekje87

    how is this different from a free pinger website?

    2 years ago
  • collinsmaxx

    I still haven't received any download info at all need hrlp

    2 years ago
  • mufti313

    Can You Show Me Report Site Has Been indexed ?

    2 years ago
  • sunduong

    Dear karoshio! the software working with link Youtube ? please let me know , thank you .

    2 years ago
  • ponty

    Is it safe for index money website? I am intrested to buy it!

    2 years ago
  • sandeep8222

    Is this software still available? Can I use this for build backlinks for youtube and website and other links or URL?

    2 years ago
  • sandeep8222

    Please send license key.

    I' m waiting here. You at least reply to our messages.

    2 years ago
  • erichawijayanti

    good night why the software that I bought first can not be used
    and I try to buy again if it can be used when I transfer again 7 dollars

    1 year ago
  • erichawijayanti

    please give me License Key at address erichawijayanti[at]gmail.com now thank you

    1 year ago
  • skjonline

    I want a software that may show my backlinks and the number thereof.

    2. Can 'Back Link Indexer' make backlinks or automatically index all the backlinks without the need of pasting those in this.

    3. Can this index backlinks in other sites like yahoo, bing, msn etc.

    Shakti Kumar Jain
    Consultant (NPA Resolution)

    1 year ago
  • plinfos

    Be carreful with this guy, he dont sent the licence key so you cant use the software!!!!!!!

    1 year ago
  • jujunile

    stop work for me after 3 months,

    1 year ago
  • tivadar00

    The Monkey colect only Money ,no reply late delay but not whit mee!


    1 year ago
  • Coolziny

    is still available for purchase? I want to buy.

    11 months ago
  • Bormey

    Hi, Friend. I do like this server of Mega Backlink Indexer Software. but do you have a training video?

    6 months ago
  • maurya18


    Let me know its working or not??

    2 months ago
  • promaster67

    This looks like the seller did not bother to answer any question in the English language.
    BTW, I wonder the same person selling the same thing on other's site but the service paused after around 28 reviews.
    Be your own judge...
    I care for SEOclerks member.

    1 month ago
  • grizly07

    say failed when i try index it

    1 month ago
  • hardip2057

    Is this service still available? Please PM me further details. I'm interested.

    1 month ago
  • ammad

    is it still working?

    22 days ago
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