• MotionDemon V3 - Generate Unlimited Dailymotion Views FOR LIFE
  • MotionDemon V3 - Generate Unlimited Dailymotion Views FOR LIFE
  • MotionDemon V3 - Generate Unlimited Dailymotion Views FOR LIFE

Version: V3 Build 170306

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server

Additional Requirements

.NET Framework



​MotionDemon v3

​Generate Unlimited Dailymotion Views 100% Free

Looking to watch your videos explode with views or even start your own business selling views? Maybe even both? No problem! Today you can do just that for only $34!

Only $17 for the Next 14 Days!

MotionDemon is a simple software with one purpose: VIEWS, VIEWS and more VIEWS! Start your endless flow of views in seconds!

*Proxies are not included

  • Send Unlimited Views
  • Multithreading
  • Optional Delay Between Views
  • Full Proxy Support

What You'll Receive
  • MotionDemon Bot
  • License Key Within 15 Hours(Usually within 6)
  • All Updates Free For Life
  • Customer Support All Year Round


Do I need proxies?
The bot will function perfectly normal without proxies but this will mean that views are only coming from your IP. It is highly recommended to use proxies as, without them the views count will very likely stop increasing after only a few if all coming from the same IP to the same video.

Can I request a feature?
Sure! Send me a message anytime.

How long after purchase will I receive my License key?
License Keys will almost always be provided within 6 hours. But in rare cases, it may take up to 15, depending on the time of day keys will often be delivered within just a couple of hours.

Update Log

Version v3 Build 170306
- New UI
- Performance improvements
- Ability to run on multi computers​

Version v2 Build 160318
- Hug Performance improvements
- Added Microsoft Edge Agent
- Added Screen Resolution for Agent
- Update Firefox version to 43

Version v2 Build 160111
- Performance improvements
- Fixing Show/Hide Firefox
- Fixing referrals for Firefox
- Update Firefox version to 42
- Update testing proxies foctions
- Add Proxies Sources

Version v2 Build 160104
- Performance improvements
- Add Proxies Sources
- Support Private Proxies
- Bot Can now support 100 URLs
- Option for test proxies before use them
- Option for enable or disable Ads/Google Analytics/Impressions
- Option for use proxies randomly
- Option for use referrals randomy
- Option for hide firefox windows will bot running
- Motion Monitor for see Bot Stats
- Redisinged ui

Version v1 Build 151214
- Performance improvements
- Add Proxies Sources

Version v1 Build 151212
- Performance improvements
- Add Multi URLs support.
- Add Firefox to browsing
- Ability to work with multi profile Firefox
- Add Scrap Proxies
- Add Proxy Timeout
- Improve stability

Version v1 Build 151026
- Performance improvements

Version v1 Build 151015
-UI redesigned
-Optional randomized delay between views

User Ratings

  • ealim80
    ealim80 5 months ago

    Good seller. Delivered as promise.

  • yeason
    yeason 9 months ago

    Delivered on time. Seller was very helpful in setting up the software. Bout to test it out!

  • kokucenneti
    kokucenneti 2 years ago

    I did it So it looks in the picture How is it going now

  • billiondollar30
    billiondollar30 2 years ago

    yes, I choose ''display firefox Window'' --->show but I didn't see firefox.
    Could you help me to check that? I think firefox not work, and view didn't increase

    • bilyblanca

      by default the bot hide browser windows, you can display it by choice show on options , enjoy

  • avastpro33
    avastpro33 3 years ago

    Fast and smooth transaction. This guy he knows what hes doing. Recommended 100%.

  • akbar1
    akbar1 3 years ago

    ما معنى
    ان كنت من المغرب ارجو اتصال بي اخي
    اريد بوت
    من نوع خاص

  • ViperBlood
    ViperBlood 3 years ago

    The Bot is working awesome also the coder working too much on Bot to make it better.
    It's really sending the views to Dailymotion videos, currently working on Ads to generate revenue.

  • scottheb
    scottheb 3 years ago

    Great seller, immediate contact and when I had issues, he immediately assists in trying to fix the problem Highly recommended

  • deskpro1970
    deskpro1970 3 years ago

    excellent quick fix!!! recommend

  • manolo9
    manolo9 3 years ago

    Hello , the program will not use, threads etc. which is not , I could spend a video tutorial or a manual ? thank you

Buyers Comments

  • botviews

    dailymotion accept public proxies ?

    3 years ago
  • scottheb

    Hi buddy i bought version 1 from you quiet sometime back. my version still works ok? or whats the bonus for purchasing your new version. cheers do i get a free update for life having already bought this and if so where can i upgrade my current software?

    2 years ago
  • ViperBlood

    I send you msg for new version Bot and license but you not replying my msg.
    Can you tell me why???

    What You'll Receive
    MotionDemon Bot
    License Key Within 15 Hours(Usually within 6)
    All Updates Free For Life
    Customer Support All Year Round

    2 years ago
  • billiondollar30

    He is a SCAM. this sofware didn't work. Didn't any support from him. 0 star. f*** you

    2 years ago
  • bilyblanca


    the software still work for all users, have you follow my instructions ?

    2 years ago
  • billiondollar30

    of course, I try MANY MANY times, and follow all instructions?
    Nothing change.

    2 years ago
  • scottheb

    Hello mate, software doesn't work anymore can you advise - thanks

    2 years ago
  • mlafontaine44


    I am interested in this as I have a DailyMotion page. Although it seems to me lately you have been getting negative reviews in regards to the software not working.

    Can you please inform me if there are any problems at the moment with the software or if there is none I will be interested to purchase only if as always it is in good faith.


    2 years ago
  • bilyblanca


    i Can offer you a test version of the software, & you can use it for 24 hrs

    2 years ago
  • mlafontaine44

    Sure thing - I have a MacBook Pro though. Is it compatible or only for P.C?

    2 years ago
  • mlafontaine44

    Actually - can you send me a trial version and I will use a friends P.C to see if it works?

    2 years ago
  • bilyblanca

    send me your E M A I L Adress in private msg

    2 years ago
  • bilyblanca

    Send me your G M A I L on private msg

    2 years ago
  • ViperBlood

    Have you update the BOT?? Last version not working... didn't get any single views.
    Also you simply gone..

    1 year ago
  • extrageld89

    still no refund ............................... software not working invalid link and still no refund

    1 year ago
  • bilyblanca

    The refund is posting ... you can contact SeoClerks Support for get your Money back, as i don't get anything from you

    1 year ago
  • ViperBlood

    Hello Bilyblanca.. you didn't reply to me...

    1 year ago
  • BIVAS8282

    hello i want to buy this software pls give me trial.

    8 months ago
  • ViperBlood

    you not replying me?? I want to reset me key

    7 months ago
  • ealim80

    Hi, can you send me the link to download the software and also the license key? It been over 24hours since i purchase it, and until now i receive no feedback from you.


    5 months ago
  • ealim80

    Purchase the software, deliver to me after 3 days (late delivery), and the software never works. Not even putting one single view for the DM site view. I tested it for 5 days, open and run the software for just adding 100 views, running the software for 16 hours, after that i stop the software and go check the site, 0 views increase in DM site. After sales services is very very poor. No response from him at all even we PM about the problems. You guys who want to purchase this software, think twice.

    5 months ago
  • yeason

    I was never able to get this to work

    4 months ago
  • scottheb

    My version stopped working along time ago V3 Build 170308 will you send me an updated one?

    8 days ago
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