• Best Automated YouTube Message sender Software 2017

Version: 2.0

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server, Mac

Additional Requirements

Ram minimum of 1gb
processor minimum of 1ghz
hard disk minimum of 30gb



YouTube Message Sender,Best Automated YouTube Messaging Software 2017

YouTube message sender is a windows based software that auto send personalized promo messages, to all your interested audience directly to their gmail accounts .This windows based software can also be installed on computer, If you own a mac then you will need to install software like Parallels on your mac before you can run the software on your machine. YouTube message sender, automates your daily marketing tasks unlike other YouTube marketing software in the market, it can go beyond the limits imposed by YouTube if you want it to.So you are in total control, and can run the software conservatively

YouTube message sender can run in the background while you work on your computer on other task or even while you sleep.

The best part is that all the messages you send, goes directly to their email accounts

Most people wants to have YouTube message sender for one of these three reasons.
  1. They want to get their videos directly to the targeted audience and aim to profit indirectly from the traffic.
  2. Want to promote CPA or traditional affiliate offer directly to the interested audience.
  3. They want to tap audience of another YouTube channel thus recommending their channel to them.
Which ever way you want to use YouTube message sender, it will always be there to answer you

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3 broadly steps to using YouTube message sender software

Step 1: Target related niche video and their commenters audience

In this step the software search for people that will be interested in your videos, what you are promoting or affiliate offers.

YouTube message sender software has two primary ways to find such people who you can later market to, which includes:

  1. loading a specific video URL and then harvest the commenters channel
  2. The use of keyword search to get your niche video uploaders channel, initiate a deal with the channel owner and get him/her to advertise your site/business or cost per acquisition offer on his/her video description
Step 2: Automate

The second step is to use YouTube message sender software to contact the people you collected. You can do this by loading the channel of these people on YouTube message sender software, mass message them, this will bring people to your business offer, YouTube channel, and ultimately increasing your video views and subscribers on YouTube.

Step 3 Profit:

This is the step is the final output of the system. if you are doing this for profit or to get more exposure of your YouTube channel,you will achieve that if you have a good approach to your targeted audience, in non spammy way.

User Ratings

  • lzvid
    lzvid 5 months ago

    It says invalid license, lincense not found

    • worldbest

      load your license on updated version as i instructed you 
      thanks for ordering 

  • smithfrank2
    smithfrank2 6 months ago

    The software is good the water mark was removed from the pro version and the message went to inbox. Good job

    • worldbest

      thanks  for ordering my software and also you have won a free copy of my other software kindly make a choice and i will forward it to you for free 

Buyers Comments

  • lzvid

    Is this working? Some apps stop working due to yt api changes

    5 months ago
  • Jack3388

    If i target a specific video url, is it possible to send message to all viewers of that video ?

    5 months ago
  • Jack3388

    can i target other people's channel and their comment ?

    5 months ago
  • Jack3388

    can you send me a demonstration video, how the soft ware works. a screen capture video will be nice

    5 months ago

    How can I get the trial version for testing?

    5 months ago
  • Jack3388

    Can i extract their email address ?

    3 months ago
  • YouBit

    I hope this message finds you and your family doing well. i want to purchase the YouTube Messenger software.
    Is it cloud based or do I install it on my computer? Do I have to use Proxies to use it? How many message can I send out per day? Can I get my accounts shut down by anyone YouTube...etc..? Do you update the software for your users for free? I am ready to purchase if so. Thank you!

    1 month ago
  • YouBit

    Thank you WorldsBest for your quick response and taking the time to answer my questions. Before we move forward I would like the two remaining questions clear in my mind if you please?

    How many messages can one send out per day without raising red flags?

    Can one get shut down or lose their YouTube channel for sending these messages?

    Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards


    1 month ago
  • YouBit

    Thank you World Best.

    1.) Can I send commenters a link to a video in the message I send them?
    2.) Can I extract the email addresses the software has collected?
    3.) Would you please send me a link to a video on how it works please?

    Thank you!

    1 month ago
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