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Version: 2.0

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server, Mac

Additional Requirements

Ram minimum of 4gb
processor minimum of 2ghz
hard disk minimum of 30gb



G WorkStation is the best email marketing software that manage your mailing lists and delivers your Emails directly

to your Audience inbox

setting up email marketing campaigns in GWorkstation occurs in few easy steps.

1. Import your List

2. Configure Your Account Details

3. Enter your tracking details, to get open rates and clicks

4. Select your Desired email format

5. Write your email and send your campaign

On the other hand you create newsletters and manage lists directly on your desktop

on the other you get a cloud email tracking service to handle reporting and improve your email campaigns.

we are proud to offer a 15 days trial for a price of $27

Here are feedbacks from our beta testers




Am 1001% sure that GWorkstation is the best Email marketing software for your business go ahead and clicks

the buy button i guarantee you, you will have no regret,on the other hand if you are looking for a software to

spam, sorry this wont work for you and only few people will get this here before i take it down for good

G WorkStation does not directly support MacOs, because it needs a Microsoft Windows environment.

However, MacOS users will still be able to run G WorkStation on their device, without losing

functionality and fluidity, following these simple instructions:

visit https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Mac%20OS%20X%20build%20instructions and download virtualbox its free

install it

install windows on it

then download your copy of GWorkstation on it and run it

If you dont know how to do this you can pm me for help

User Ratings

    DAVIDMILLER2525 29 days ago

    i didnt get any mail of licence key please send me here.....???/
    or send me davidmiller2515@gmail.com

    • worldbest

      Yes already sent it 

  • soukaha
    soukaha 4 months ago

    excuse me what is the gsuite account ? to send email?

  • hassandaoud
    hassandaoud 9 months ago

    Very good seller and very good service, very helpful and recommended

  • mrtestly
    mrtestly 9 months ago

    i think this guy have the best service on seoclerks till now
    guaranteed 1000% legit service here. i'll be spending alot of money on his services
    keep up the good work dred

  • jglaser333
    jglaser333 1 year ago

    Worldbest is really great. Seller has communicated with me whenever I have written and come
    up with solutions for me to get things working great. I am very happy and highly recommend.

    • worldbest

      Thanks for the recommendation 

  • alf212
    alf212 1 year ago

    Working perfect. Great seller!

  • infini3
    infini3 1 year ago

    Product was delivered and seller help me set it up. Its a great tool that I would recommend for professional marketers as well as amateurs such as myself. I will definitely keep an eye out for new products from him in the future.

    • worldbest

      Thanks for the honest review bro, 

  • CentralConnect
    CentralConnect 1 year ago

    Thanks! Product delivered good seller!

    • worldbest

      Thanks looking forward to work with you in future or help you in any way possible, my main goal is always to help all my customers succeed
      its nice working with you

  • Raze1
    Raze1 1 year ago

    The YouTube Message Sender works flawlessly on my Windows 10 laptop and performs its functions exactly as advertised in the product sales page. It is very exciting to see the bot perform those functions automatically – I was thrilled and amazed to say the least.

    I am a complete newbie when it comes to using bots or any type of software for the purpose of internet marketing. Fortunately, YouTube Message Sender is actually very easy to use.

    Great product and great seller.

    • worldbest

      Thanks  man , its great working with you, my priority is to help you succeed 

  • lzvid
    lzvid 2 years ago

    It says invalid license, lincense not found

    • worldbest

      load your license on updated version as i instructed you 
      thanks for ordering 

  • smithfrank2
    smithfrank2 2 years ago

    The software is good the water mark was removed from the pro version and the message went to inbox. Good job

    • worldbest

      thanks  for ordering my software and also you have won a free copy of my other software kindly make a choice and i will forward it to you for free 

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