• Data Encryptor/Decryptor and Support Included

Version: 1.0

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server

Additional Requirements

- Runs only on Windows OS


Not Included

Hello everyone,

Today I'm selling a software I made some time ago when I felt the need to encrypt some personal data.
After you get this software you can contact me if you have any questions on how to use it.

What does it do:
1. Encrypt files
2. Decrypt files
3. Generate keys
4. Steganography

How it works:
This application works with public-key cryptography. Users will need to generate a key-pair of private and public keys. The public key as the name suggests can be shared with others, and the private key has to be kept safe. The public key is used to encrypt a file, and the private key to decrypt it.

Use case:
- Alice wants to send Bob an encrypted document
- Alice ask Bob to send her his public key
- Alice encrypts the document with Bobs public key and sends it to Bob
- Bob uses his private key to decrypt the document

Additional features:
- Steganography
This will help you hide data inside an image(png) file. In this application I have assumed the user will hide his private key inside an image, but you can actually embed any file you want.


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