I will write 4 articles of 500 words of unique SEO/Web Content for $12

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I will write 4 articles of 500 words of unique SEO/Web Content

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Please read this first

(don't expect me to do research and find solution to any problems or do articles which looks like homework or research type article or do your assignment​)​

Some decent client are messaging me in my inbox asking if i can write article like this

"Early forms of dentistry from ancient Egypt to today!.....800 words"

Of course i can do this research paper and and your professor will give you A+ but of course not for $3.75

Another decent client ask me if my articles are handwritten and i tell him just give me a keyword and i will send you an article and then decide yourself

He sent me this

"please write an article comparing the different registrars for .io domains."

And after 45 minutes i replied with zip file contain the following ​

.IO domains turned out to be extremely popular amongst startups and as well , tech oriented corporations requiring an online presence. I/O is short for input/output in technological speak, therefore we are beginning to observe various technical frameworks (such and as well , APIs (such use that .io TLD extension. Through this brief document, we are going to take a look at where you can register .IO domain names and also a few disadvantages with employing this top level domain name extension.

The 2 main major Best Registrars for .IO Domain names
The 2 most preferred registrars which will reg a good .IO domain are actually:

Namecheap at $59/year (now $32/year in 2015).
IWantMyName, that's $49 for the first 12 months and then $59 for every 12 months past 1st year.
When you plan to maintain domain name for greater than 2 yrs, then your Namecheap choice will end up being less costly over time.

Godaddy is yet another alternative however they usually do not seem to be as expert in dealing with .IO domains and so are not suggested from a good technical perspective. Remember, .IO is actually just a rebranding for the country TLD of a few distant British islands. There is a different method of managing the name resolution backend so that your registrar requires some experience managing .IO domains.

Advantages of Having a .IO Domain
You are going to be a slight trailblazer and also have a certain cachet inside the tech literate market.
There are many premium domain names accessible in .IO, because substantial annual renewal rates have completely kept the domain name squatters away.
Because of pressure coming from coders, Google has acquiesced and as well , allowed .IO domain names to be given a Generic Country Code level which means it’s on the same footing as .com / .net and also other vanity TLDs just like .me / .co / .tv. This implies you will not have to go right into Google Webmaster tools and then geo-target your domain name to get fear of getting your internet site typecast as a faraway Geo domain name.
Disadvantages of purchasing a .IO Domain
These are definitely costly, at over $50/year in reg service fees.
You will definitely want to buy the .com variation of the ‘.io’ branded domain. Regardless of how much you will brand your domain when using the .io extension, many people will certainly still try to type your company's website’s name and then tack on towards the end.

So if you was expecting some post graduate thesis for popcorn price I am sorry to disappoint you

I put this previous article as sample and as way to show i can write in any field

So if you like what you see for the price you pay order my service and i will try hard to over deliver in words count and in time​

And here is anther sample​ it is about CPA method​
You may make lots of money with in a few hours in case you possessed sufficient resources and lots of creativity. In the beginning, maybe you should concentrate on the way you want to generate so much money in a few hours if not having that confidence in your set of skills to do this..That should be my 1st red light. However , when I had to generate some speedy money within a few hours by way of cpa marketing I would personally do a couple of digital telemarketing. (that my terminology so do not really bother googling that) is definitely when you incorporate digital marketing and telemarketing. By way of example, let us claim you place an advertisement on for move in special only for TWO HUNDRED us dollars simply no security deposit and as will,no credit checks however, you do not add the addresses simply a picture. when individuals reply to your advertisement by way of craigslist then you definitely call those individuals straight and tell them with your housing program that has TWO HUNDRED dollar move in special offers however, you have to sign-up to obtain the details of the house; as soon as they agree to you will send out all of them the cpa offer hyperlink which usually upon conversion makes you $5. Let us claim you do 15 telephone calls each hour times 5$ =75 each hour. The secret is ensuring your advertising syncs with all the demand of the end user. One example is if you make and advertisement that draws in an audience trying to find TWO HUNDRED dollar move in special offers you are unable to link these to a cpa offer that provides them special offers on direct TV. The other wonderful choice with this technique is that you simply can subscribe to a couple pay every call programs then instead of sending that cpa offer hyperlink send out your ring revenue call hyperlink which in turn typically pays out every week and alot much higher. make sure you clear that with your affiliate supervisor.

Flyer Method:

My personal ideas on the flyer technique is do not straight link it to that cpa special offer. Everybody knows just how unstable many of the offers could goes down and if you are likely to make a flyer on coupon codes or giveaways . That flyer technique is nonetheless a good method just be sure you will link these to thing you have control of so that you can redirecting the visitors in case the offer expire . You may not want to make 10k flyers with all the cpa offer link to them, distribute all of them, after 2 weeks find out that the offer is ended..

The best way to promote a flyer is always to ride the coach and then handle a flyers for mobile phone offers. Consider it. What should you do while you are on the coach nothing but play with your cellular phone. You are going to convert great mainly because a lot of people go to the cpa offer simply for something to do. Besides that make sure the offers are converting by asking other folks if you possibly could send out them the hyperlink this really is legal.

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  • Hopefully these issues will be far and in between.


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