" Your Personal Writer" a service by Level X for $120

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" Your Personal Writer" a service by Level X

New Year offer!!
$30 off
Hello Buyers of Seoclerks!!
Now Hire a Level X writer, and enjoy....
More save for your part. Hire me.... before the offer ends!

Hire me for 1 Month (30 days),
as your article writer. I will write some unique high quality ' topic based articles', for you. (i will write Max number of articles: 30 to 31) (Article will be: Max 515 words) . The articles are hand written by me in windows word. You got the articles in time. And also should use the specific words you are need to input according and in well prospects ( topics, guidelines, links etc).

Please read and understand the Terms and Conditions before buying. You may message me for more details.

Why me?

I am a level X writer.

I write in every topic. some examples are- computer, smart-phone, Tech, medical topic, fashion, women, business, insurance, sports, etc. As i say, any and every possible topics. (Except creative writing (Story, poem, etc.), i will charge extra for that.) This will be great for a bulk order.

After buying this service, you can give me the topic or keywords (for keywords- you need to select from extra), thus i can start writing your articles.

The max time i take to deliver one 500-words article is 1-day, But you will get that soon.

Terms and Conditions:
0. Please read and understand the Terms and Conditions before buying. You may message me for more details.
1. The uniqueness will be 100%.
2. I write in normal style, if you book my service, you have to accept that. (You may ask for the sample writing, then you choose to buy this service.)
3. I will deliver
quality article in English and grammatically correct sentences for you and it should be fresh and original containing 'more or less 500 words'.
4. I don't accept cancellation after 24 hours of service buying time (From when the service starts). I consider that time (24 hours) as a trial period, you may cancel within that time. But that will reduce future business opportunity for you with me. The written articles are good for any type of use, i can assure that. after that, a mutual cancellation will not work!
5. The job is considered as complete, when i wrote 30-32 articles for you or the 30 days is over, any of it first ends.
6. you cant order me to write, say 10-15 articles in 24 h. but you will request for increase the rate or work.

PS- There are some extra service, you may add with this service. Choose wisely, Have a faith and trust on me, you will not regret that. If you want some extra, or cheap, you can message me about that!

You may always message me for any question regarding my service. I will happily answer them ASAP.
Thank you.


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Add extra 200 words per article 5 days $35
Add images (2-4) according to the topics/ per article 7 days $15
Write 2-keyword based article 7 days $30

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