Your Essential Guide to Mastering Content Marketing

Your Essential Guide to Mastering Content Marketing

Even if you aren't much of a marketer, you've probably heard about search engine optimization (SEO) by now, and how it's the most important thing you can do to brand yourself at the moment.

While a lot of people that use SEO stick to algorithms and formulas, many forget all about the foundational piece that makes it work to begin with -- content.

Having a piece of content so valuable that people will want to take it in and share it for years to come will always beat out algorithms that come and go. Because of this, making your best content should be your focus when you're getting started with marketing.

Here's what you need to know about building your content marketing campaigns.

1. Create a Content Calendar and Put It to Good Use

Having a content calendar that you stick with regularly will help you take your content marketing strategy from idea to action.

In fact, the failure to organize loose ideas and hit deadlines is what causes companies to pump fake and fail at several business endeavors.

Have a calendar for the month, and know what you're accomplishing each day toward your content marketing strategies. Setting deadlines is the only way that you'll hit them.

If this is a team effort, make sure that everyone shares their piece of responsibility, and that everyone is aware of their deadlines. Use a system or software that keeps everyone in the loop.

2. Get the Microphones Out and Start a Podcast

People love podcasts because they're entertaining, informative, and easy to listen to whenever we feel like it. Think about the topics you're informed about and what makes you unique, and start figuring out how to brand it into a podcast.

Creating a podcast for your business lets you entertain and inform people one episode at a time. This essentially opens the door for you to show your expertise and market to your listeners.

Don't get too caught up in perfection. Even if the only equipment you have is the voice recorder app on your cell phone, this beginning is far better than putting it off.

As long as the topics of conversation are fresh and you pose interesting takes, you'll have the potential to grow an audience of thousands of faithful listeners.

3. Put Out as Much Video Content as You Can

You seriously can't put out too much video content at the moment. Just a few years ago, advertising companies spent $4 billion on video marketing.

This marked a double in what they spent the previous year. This should ring alarm bells for you, as you embrace the fact that video is the content that people seek out today.

YouTube has billions of regular active users, and people can just as easily pull up a video on their cell phone as they can any other device.

Catch people's attention and generate traffic by putting out the best video content that fits your brand.

4. Don't Forget to Blog

While podcasting and video are emerging as some of the most important content you should be creating, let's not forget about blogging.

If you don't already have a blog, you're leaving a lot of opportunity and market share on the table. Blog content is easy for people to enjoy, and offers your unique take on a variety of subjects.

When you regularly create blog content that makes use of well-researched keywords, it becomes easier for you to get new traffic and keep it. You can make your blog whatever you want it to be, and you'll start to skyrocket your Google ranking when it becomes something you do regularly.

5. Use Your Content Streams for Promotion and Residual Income

Never be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to the content that you're putting out.

If you're already blogging regularly, consider going longer form and penning e-books. You can sell these books on Amazon and other outlets, and your blog will continue to provide a feeder system.

Likewise, if you've been schooling people on a particular subject with your YouTube channel, consider creating a course that is packed with premium videos that people would appreciate.

Not only is this content marketing in itself, but you'll also generate some residual income for your troubles.

6. Start Mastering the Way You Research and Incorporate Keywords

Your use of keywords will remain a deciding factor in how well your content marketing works. If you have a library of keywords that you've already researched and tested, you can only expect to get more eyes on your content.

This takes your marketing strategies from theoretical to quantifiable and takes the guesswork out of finding success with your content.

7. Never Skimp on Your Equipment and Software Budget

So what happens when your content starts taking off? Simple -- invest more in it.

When your audience grows they'll expect more. Give it to them by consistently improving the production values.

Better sound, lights, and video will reward the audience with a better finished product, and signal to them that you're in it for the long-term journey.

Stay patient, build your brand, and never hesitate to outsource any of this work when you need help.


Take Your Content Marketing Plans to the Next Level

The suggestions above will help you with any content marketing plans you're creating for your brand. You can win big with content right now, so mix up your strategy as you find what works.

Check back for all things SEO, digital marketing, mastering the freelance lifestyle and so much more.

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