P A Y P A L Integration to your website Using Advanced & Latest Technique - February 2019 for $550

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P A Y P A L Integration to your website Using Advanced & Latest Technique - February 2019

Checkout gives your buyers a simplified and secure checkout experience.
The most relevant payment types to your shoppers, automatically, making it easier for them to complete their purchase using methods like Pay with , Credit, Credit Card payments, and other payment types depend on your country.

Visitors of your website will see these buttons after integration, and anyone can paid using , Visa, Master Card or American Express:

If the visitor click any button, a popup window will appear without redirect the visitor to website, the visitor click on Pay Now and all the processes done behind
the scene, then the the popup windows will disappear and visitor see
the payment is successful (in steps):
  1. You add the Smart Payment Buttons to your web page.
  2. Your buyer clicks the button.
  3. The button calls Orders API to set up a transaction.
  4. The button launches the Checkout experience.
  5. The buyer approves the payment.
  6. The button calls Orders API to finalize the transaction.
  7. You show a confirmation to your buyer.

Has updated their development techniques on Feb 2019
One of the important changes is the render button, now the new code uses (.render) at the end of the JavaScript function instead of the beginning , and that's give us more flexibility in coding and optimizing it with server side (code behind), each set of release notes describes changes that apply to the release:
  • API updates. New, changed, and deleted resources, request parameters, and response fields.
  • New features. New dashboards and tools related to the REST APIs.
  • Functional updates. Functional updates to operations, including new code list values and validation rule changes.
  • Announcements. Announcements related to the REST API.
  • Doc updates. Documentation updates not mentioned in API updates, new features, functional updates, or announcements.
* This is a live demo:

I will Guide you from A-Z , Creating a sandbox accounts and integrate the Payment to your website then test the payment using the sandbox accounts and finally, Go Live.

I offer also Full Project : Visual Studio + DevExpress (Using CallBacks)
instead of Javascript SDK, Please see the Exras



Visa Master Card Integration Payment Credit Website Popup Window
Full Project : Visual Studio + DevExpress (Using CallBacks) 3 days $200

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