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Sample Article I Wrote
The law of receiving works hand in hand with giving.It’s simple logic—to keep on receiving from the universe, then you must instill
in you the habit of giving.This law is also based off the fact that everythingin the universe operates under a dynamic system of exchange. Think of
everything as a two-way traffic. For the universe to grant you anything, then
there has to be something that you’re feeding into the system that will be
echoing up the favor. Receiving and the Law of GivingGiving is NOT all about adopting an altruisticnature; if anything, the habit in itself takes so many forms. One form of giving is genuinely wishing happinessupon other people. Giving can also come in the form of allowing other people to
be themselves instead of wanting to change or control their behavior. Needless to say, giving also comes in the literalform, which is giving out money, time, compassion, love, understanding or
anything else you also wish to receive. To receive joy, conventional wisdom will demand thatyou start being the source of joy to others. The same can be said about attracting
love, attention, appreciation, wealth and affluence. Start by thinking of your
body as a bundle of energy. To maintain the flow, we must be more than willing
to give the very things we wish to possess. Receiving and the Law of AbundanceAlso working in tandem with the law of receiving isthe law of abundance. This law marks affluence as the natural human state. Or
to put it differently, everything our heart desires is naturally abundant.All we need to do to direct the exchange towards usis control our thoughts; and one way we’re able to do this is by giving. Whenever we give love, trust and appreciation, weallow the energy to flow and as a result, improve the quality of the life we
lead. Also, by giving, you’ll be aligning yourself at thequantum level with the rest of the world. This will in turn enable you to
observe the synchronicities of life and be able to direct your actions and
thoughts towards your desires. Core to this is that giving allows the flow ofenergy to return to you. So you keep growing exponentially, and the more you
keep doing this, the better you get at directing your thoughts. Learning to ReceivePeople don’t receive simply because they arepsychologically NOT prepared or just don’t know how to. If you’re NOT
comfortable with receiving, then you might end up missing on some of the important
gifts the universe has for you.The good thing is that receiving can be learned. Allwe have to do is learn how to open up and position ourselves. Start by doing some introspection orself-investigation. What relationship do you have with the law of abundance? Do
you feel like you deserve whatever good thing that life has in store for you? Whereas some people are open about receiving wealth,there are others who feel like they don’t actually deserve it. This could be
due to the fact that they have spent their entire life receiving less than
their actual worth, to a point that they started undervaluing themselves.To correct this, you can start by assessing yourstrengths and weaknesses. Take a deep look into your potential and the skills
you possess, and attach a value to it. The next thing is to adopt an expecting mindset. Nowthat you know you value and true worth, you should at least be expecting the
universe to grant you exactly that. It’s worth noting that your value will keep
on growing, and as time goes by, you can expect the universe to grant you even
more than you initially anticipated.The law of receiving is NOT all about money orwealth. By giving love, appreciation, connection, and trust to mention a few, the
universe will be bound to give out the same. Doing Away with GraspingGrasping is when you choose to hold on to the littleyou own instead of letting it go so you can start creating room for even bigger
things. It’s simple, even in business, if you’re NOT willing to risk the little
you have by investing, then there’s no snowball chance in hell that you’re actually
going to attract greatness.Grasping has a way of shutting off abundance. Whenyou try to hold onto something so hard, all you’re doing is blocking the way
for better things to come. You also feel contracted and disconnected.You can’t take in anything that life has to offerunless you’re willing to let go of your hold. Read this bearing in mind that
whatever it is that you seek is also on the other end seeking for you. By
focusing on positive experiences and adopting the expecting mentality, we learn
to attract our earthly desires and at the same time embrace abundance.

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