Create a Permanent and Approved Wikipedia Page for $125

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Create a Permanent and Approved Wikipedia Page

Have you been dreaming about your own Wikipedia page for years? Perhaps You've always wanted one for your company, website or even yourself

I am here to provide you with expertise help in creating your own permanent and approved Wikipedia page, edits and all solutions to your page.Allow me to do that for you, as I've been editing Wikipedia articles since 2010; created over 150 pages, made 15000+ live edits so far and still counting.

There is no reason for me to beat around the bush and tell you how amazing it is to have a Wikipedia page, we all know the benefits. If you're considered as authority in your market , you have a Wikipedia page, it's plain and simple. Google knows that too, so expect a huge rank boost.

How Does it Work?

I have been editing pages on Wikipedia for 7+ years and I've created tons of pages for companies, people, brands, products and of course academic purposes as well. I own multiple accounts on Wikipedia with page curation and new page reviewer rights, so I can create and moderate pages with almost zero risk of another mod taking it down.

There are few Wikipedia editors who are willing to create page for money, and most of them are scared to offer this service directly, so they do it through their trusted sellers who markup the price to $1000-$1500+ per page!

Because you are buying directly from an experienced Wikipedia editor and mod, You'll get your page a lot cheaper, faster and with more reliability.

NOTE: If your site belongs to gambling/pharma/affiliate or any questionable niches, just send me the link and I may be able to accept it for an extra fee

Why US?

As per Alexa, it holds 7th spot of TOP 500 GLOBAL SITES. Whenever a page is hosted on this encyclopedia, it is also ranked top in Google Search.

I have created a lot of Wikipedia articles including pages for Celebrities, Individuals, Companies, Applications, Products, organizations and the list goes on. I will deliver great content for your page.

My Expertise Includes Pages For Your:

Biography • Company/brand • Organization • Film • Television • Media and drama • Albums • Songs • Music • Education • Magazines and print journalism • Book • Politics and government • Sports and recreation • Video games • Food and drink • Art and architecture • Transport • Geography • Places • History...and what not?

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