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Activity Fees – If your child is involved in any type of activity, even field day, there is likely to be a fee involved that is going to be paid up front at the start of the year. In some cases, such as band, football, cheer and those types of activities, it can cost hundreds of dollars a month per child to be involved. * Classroom Fees – Certain classes that have extra equipment such as science class may require an additional classroom fee, to help pay for the maintenance of the class and the equipment needed to conduct the class correctly. * Parking Fees – If your high school student wants to drive to school, a parking pass can put you back a couple hundred dollars. This is true even in districts that don’t have a good bussing system.

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  1. Items You’ll Likely Be Responsible for in Public School
  2. How to Create a Budget with School Expenses in Mind
  3. Save Creatively

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According to Huntington Bank’s Backpack Index, in 2015 parents paid on average over one grand per child in school expenses, fees, and supplies (http://huntington-ir.com/ne/news/hban072915.htm). High school can be as much as $1500 per year for each student depending on the activates they’re involved in. It’s clear that public school isn’t free after all, so what is a parent on a limited budget to do about it? The first thing to do is to accept it, and the next thing to do is to plan for it. If you’re a low-income parent, keep reading; there will be options and resources for you too.Items You’ll Likely Be Responsible For in Public SchoolYou may be surprised to learn about how much each parent is expected to buy for each child in school. Much of this is due to less funding for public schools and also simply technological advances and an unwillingness for local governments to raise taxes to pay for the additional expenses.

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