Best way to get repeat or regular buyers

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Best way to get repeat or regular buyers

Hello all i am working here from last 3 years and I have around 900 positive reviews from large amounts of regular buyers.

How do you get regular buyers ?

  1. First thing is reply and communication. When you get an order try to respond to your buyer as soon as possible such as "Thanks for this order will deliver your work soon".
  2. In between the work, communicate with the buyers updating them on your progress.
  3. At the time of delivery provide a "BONUS". It could be any thing related to services or extras like some ""Tutorial or top-10 social bookmarking submission".
  4. When the buyer gets his delivered work with a bonus, the next time they need the same service, they will seek you out.
  5. Most important thing is "Behave politely with buyers"

Hope it helps or if you have other suggestion do let me know ?


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Quality work/services with great communication is the key. Just do what you said you would do and do it well. If something goes wrong, fix it for the buyer.

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This is a good list of things you can do. I've written an FAQ where I've shared my methods go gain recurring customers.

You can find it here: Repeat Customers And How To Get Them.
Also, by doing what you've stated in your first point that will also help you to decrease response time and increase credibility. Which is something every seller on SEOClerks should be aiming for. Good job and thanks for the share.

Best Regards,

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That's some great tips hotcontent props! A+

There has been some excellent stuff posted on the FAQ lately about how to be a better seller here. Check out the faq on how to be an SEOClerks power seller. It has some really powerful tips in that can only make you a better, more proficient seller here!

Here's some more tips off the top of my head.
  • Have a fast response time! - Try to update orders immediately and respond immediately. This wont just decrease your response time but will let the buyer know that you are very active and take your business very seriously. If you're late responding and updating orders more longer than you need to be, it can make the buyer feel like you don't value their business.
  • Always respond clearly and professionally - Thank them for placing the order, tell them you'll be working on it, ask any questions about anything they have submitted for you to work on if you're not clear on anything.
  • Ask them if they have questions - I always update my orders for the first time and say "Meanwhile, if you have any questions about anything don't hesitate to ask!" It makes people feel secure that you feel confident in your service.
  • Never be late! - If you can help it, always deliver your order before the dead line. There may be cases when you can't such as if you've outsourced part of the work to someone else and are waiting to get their work back before you can deliver.
  • Update them on the status - If you're going to be late or if you've nearly finished the work, update the order and tell them about it. Tell them you'll be delivering the order soon and ask them if they have any questions again and then stick to your word and deliver it.

There are some more as well such as in that faq above but these are some of the most important things to stick to! Best way to get repeat or regular buyers

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Excellent tips by hotcontent. I also working here from the beginning of SEOclerks and overall my freelance career now going on over 7 years. And many of my client are repeat. And some are working with me last 4 years.

And most important point is respond to buyer just after purchase and you can just tell him thanks for deal with me. And buyer will fell more confidence. And quickly check all service requirements which need to start order and if you see any lack of information just inform him in order section or by PM. Do not try to deliver order after deadline. Always try to deliver order before deadline. If you suffer any problem by handling of the order, inform to buyer what situation now going on. And even after deliver your order keep continue good communication.

Thanks by ajlancer

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Having a good relationship with buyers is very important. Most of your sales will eventually come from buyers who order on a regular basis. This is what happens to me at least. I agree that buyers need to be treated respectfully, and they deserve to get a great service throughout - that is, a service that possibly exceeds their expectations. You should make sure to keep in touch with them, and understand what they want. Delivering an order on time is critical. Status updates and messages are also important if you need to inform them of something important, such as when you will be away for a stretch of time.

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Having good communication,trying to delivery it asap,and must polite with our customer,i thought given that, it should get back our customer

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Thanks to all yes i appreciate your points for improvement too definitely if repeat buyer is coming to a seller than definitely his business will grow to the next level.

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