Are You Using WeHeartIt in Your Promotional Marketing and Brand Building Campaigns?

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Are You Using WeHeartIt in Your Promotional Marketing and Brand Building Campaigns?

WeHeartIt!? In case you don't know about it already (and that would be rare if you've been doing SEO and IM for a while) but WeHeartIt is (and could be for you) an excellent site to do marketing and promotion on and for building brand awareness not to mention getting more traffic and sales for your business or website.

So WeHeartIt ( is a sort of photo sharing social networking site that is very similar to Pinterest. And a lot of people think that it's a Pinterest clone but in fact, WeHeartIt was around before the days of Pinterest it's just they have just recently took off quite well and are gaining a lot of track in the photo sharing social networking place.

Like Pinterest though, you can use WeHeartIt to promote website products, services or your SEOClerks affiliate URLs or services there in the same way. And since Pinterest has proven to be very effective for some brands and marketers who have used it to drive tons of traffic to their products, services and website, (even those in the SEO/IM niche) you can do the same on WeHeartIt, only in the WeHeartIt way!

Why WeHeartIt?

It's all about branding yourself on social media, you create a Facebook page, you create a Twitter account, an Instagram account, a Pinterest account, a Tumblr and more on all the social media sites out there as a way to build brand recognition and drive traffic back to your site so you can make sales, get clients, subscribers and earn money in some way. So as a brand or an affiliate marketer, you don't want to miss the boat because this could really pay off for you in the long run! WeHeartIt is only going to get bigger and eventually be as big as Pinterest, even if the demographics of the users are different. Most of WeHeartIt's users are female aged around 24 years old. But there's a lot of 24 year olds that have a website or are a blogger today and need some kind of freelance or SEO service for their website whether its content creation, logo & banner design, infographic creation, marketing, promotion and SEO, you name it!

So you can use WeHeartIt to find these people on there and promote your links and things to them. Of course, as it's a photo sharing site, you will need to share only high quality images and photos of actual products. But in the SEO game, the only real images you might have to share would be things like screenshots of ranking improvements or infographics which aren't always appropriate or very attractive to use as a cover photo/image. So that is something you will need to overcome and handle when you go about using WeHeartIt as a site to promote your SEOClerks affiliate link on as well as any affiliate links or products for anything else as well. It's not impossible though and there are many ways around it!

How Does WeHeartIt Work?

The site actually works very similarly to how Pinterest works. So if you have any experience using Pinterest then you'll find it very familiar. Your WeHeartIt profile will be a canvas which you can heart stuff too. However you can also create "Collections" which act much more like Pinterest boards that you can add things too like your services here, other peoples services with your affiliate link, or just your affiliate URL. However, it needs to find some images on that page else it will say "Sorry! Some images are too small. Images must be at least 240 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall." and you wont be able to post it. So that's a small drawback about trying to use it with your direct affiliate URL. But you wouldn't want to do that all the time anyway!
Are You Using WeHeartIt in Your Promotional Marketing and Brand Building Campaigns?
However you can still heart things that do have images on them such as your own services, or links to websites where you do have your affiliate URL on. This will be saved to your profile (canvas) unless you have created a collection which you can add it into.
Are You Using WeHeartIt in Your Promotional Marketing and Brand Building Campaigns?
As you can see from the image, I have hearted one of my YouTube promotion services, I was able to select a Collection I created earlier and it will show in that collection. Once you click Post, it will be created as an entry in that collection which you can share/promote just in the same way as you might share/promote a Pinterest pin. That entry will be a web page like any other that has a link to your site, affiliate program, SEOClerks service whatever!

And obviously, in order to drive traffic to your collections, and to your hearted stuff that links to your website, product, offer or service etc, you will need to have WeHeartIt followers. And in order to get followers, you're going to need to do some optimization on WeHeartIt. That will involve following people so they follow you back, commenting on peoples hearted stuff, hearting it yourself, following their followers, engaging with people and all the things you might need to do on there to get people to follow you. I don't know of any such WeHeartIt followers or promotion service as of yet because the site is quite new in the social media world so it will probably take time for that to come about.

How to Join/Register on WeHeartIt?

WeHeartIt provide various login methods to register. You can join with your Facebook account, Twitter account or Google account. Or you can register by email. I registered mine by email but if you're using it for your business then you might want to login/register with your Twitter account. Each method will ask you for an email address though so you can just register using your email address if you want.
Are You Using WeHeartIt in Your Promotional Marketing and Brand Building Campaigns?
There is also an app available so you can download and use the WeHeartIt site on your mobile or tablet device. I've not personally done this yet (still getting used to the website version). But that could be very helpful in helping you follow more people more quickly. For instance, it's easier to follow more people and like more stuff using the Pinterest app than it is using the desktop website version. Just something to think about.

How to Create a Collection on WeHeartIt?

Creating a collection is very easy and is very similar to how you would create a Pinterest board for your Pinterest account. To creat a collection just go to your profile or click on the Collections link from the header drop down links. Click on "Create a new collection" button and a form is opened to you that you can fill in with the details of that collection.
Are You Using WeHeartIt in Your Promotional Marketing and Brand Building Campaigns?
Click save and you're done! Now that collection will be visible on your canvas (profile) and have its own URL much like a Pinterest board will have. People (other WeHeartit users) can then follow this collection in the same way as well. You can also promote this collection on your other social media sites and places or do SEO on it to help it rank higher in the search engines.

How to Find Things to Heart and Add to Collections?

Of course, collections are like boards and like boards you'd want to pin or in this case "heart" all the great things in the world that are related to that collection. That would include cool things you find online, or your OWN services, products, links etc. But if you've started your own collection and it's a bit empty, here's how you can find things to heart to it to fill it up so it doesn't look so bare, lonely and empty!

You can actually search for virtually anything you can think of on WeHeartIt and it will probably be on the site somewhere in someone elses collection.
Are You Using WeHeartIt in Your Promotional Marketing and Brand Building Campaigns?
Then for the hearted stuff that shows, you can add this into your collection by hovering over it and clicking on the option to heart it to your collection.
Are You Using WeHeartIt in Your Promotional Marketing and Brand Building Campaigns?
This will then show in your collections! Of course, you can heart things to your collections by adding them from the web or uploading images to them. But I've noticed that when you use the image upload option, you can't set a URL for it. So the best thing to do is only heart links that have lots of images on them so that when its hearted, it will have a clickable link to that webpage URL.

How to Heart Stuff to WeHeartIt?

To heart something to WeHeartIt (whether that's to your canvas or in a collection) click on the "Add images" button at the top to open the add image dialog box. Chose the "Add from URL" option and then paste in your URL and click on "Find images". It will quickly crawl that URL/webpage and then find any images that are on it so you can choose one.
Are You Using WeHeartIt in Your Promotional Marketing and Brand Building Campaigns?
Click on any image you want to use the most, then you will have some options to fill in like the description of it. I'm not sure how much you can add here but it's best to keep these things short and sweet and to the point! Click "Post" and then that's it!
Are You Using WeHeartIt in Your Promotional Marketing and Brand Building Campaigns?
This will be saved to your collection and open the URL for it. In the case of this hearted thing, it was created here which links to one my SEOClerks services. Are You Using WeHeartIt in Your Promotional Marketing and Brand Building Campaigns?

And that's about it! For now at least, this should introduce you to WeHeartIt, show you how it works and how to use it so you can get to grips with it and use it in any way you see fit. It can be used for both personal and business reasons. Just don't spam with it, don't break any of their terms and conditions and rules. Don't abuse it and treat it with respect and it should, like Pinterest, go on to become a very rewarding site.

Both for affiliates and internet marketers!

What do you think of WeHeartIt? Do you like the site? Are you already using it somehow or plan to? Do you think it will get as big as Pinterest? I think it will be and look forward to when it happens which will be very soon by the looks of things!


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Personally I do not like the site that much and I feel that the idea is a little too basic to make one feel that inclined to use it for marketing purposes. I cannot seem to compare their current success with Pinterest for instance, and I think they need to work harder to become that popular. The big focus on the heart symbol ends up making it look more attributable with females, especially younger ones. This could be used to the benefit of certain sellers that only have females as their target market though, such as makeup, fashion etc.

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