Do you have any experience in Facebook paid advertising?

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Do you have any experience in Facebook paid advertising?

Hello i want to use Facebook paid advertising campaign but i have one question as to whether paid ads will bebeneficial for me.

Can i achieve my target from this add campaign ?


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Can you let us know what type of website you have? We will be able to give you better answers if you provide us with that information.

For me, advertising on Facebook was a decent experience. The conversion rate was around 5%. However, Facebook is a very good way for brand building. Even if people who click on my ad don’t join my website today, they may join another time. I think Facebook ads is beneficial if you spend a good amount of money on it. This also guarantees you traffic as you only pay per click. As long as you optimise your ads correctly and choose your target audience wisely, then it could generate some good results.

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Hi Facebook an excellent way to promote your any product. And there has many responsive as categories yours like making money online, earn money online etc. It should be beneficial for your product from million of user if you ad there. But ad plan on Facebook it is depending on many fact and plan.

There has may plan like daily and weekly or monthly. And your fee will deduct according to your plan setup and what country you are targeting for traffic. For example if you target Europe, you have to spend much more money than Asia. And if you target USA, you have to spend much more money than Europe clients.

But never forget what are your targeting country? And what countries user need for your website. For example you are selling a good for your country but you target to ad in USA, so it should be waste of money.
Set your target and even daily or weekly and what country audience do you need etc

Facebook advertising should be beneficial without doubt.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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Facebook ads can be very beneficial, as long as you advertise properly and target the correct audience. By advertising something high valuable and something in demand, with proper ads and targeting, you'll be able to see huge results. You often have to "play around" a bit with the different settings and I'm not near an FB Ads expert, so I cannot help you further with that. Here's the basics you'll need to know. Don't give up if the results aren't decent the first time!

Best Regards,

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Yes i have an informational blog and its related to way of making money , earn money online Like this .
Thanks for all of your suggestion definitely i will try it once.

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All of the keywords for "Making Money" are ridiculously expensive. If you don't have a few thousand to waste on testing specific keywords and getting your cost per click down, I would recommend pushing a different website and/or blog through facebook ads.

Don't get discouraged though, you may be able to target specific countries in the "Making Money" keywords. You can target third world countries and get your cost per click down to $0.01 per click but you won't get any conversions since no one will have any money in the first place in order to purchase from you Do you have any experience in Facebook paid advertising? The clicks are great, but the conversions are extremely bad Do you have any experience in Facebook paid advertising?

Right now I'm actually running an ad through facebooks ad platform for my SEO and Online Marketing company and the suggested bid was $3.75 per click. I bid $0.75 per click and with specific targeting to my area I am now down to $0.14 per click. I have my ad set at $10 a day so if I can get it down to just $0.10 per click then I'll get 100 visitors a day and hopefully make 1 sale. Now on my ad I show absolutely everything in order to increase conversions. I do this by adding the price of my services on the ad so prior to the person clicking they know how much it will cost before they get to check out. You'll also need to show exactly what your package and/or service offers prior to the person clicking. Give them all the information up front so they know what they're getting in to and they'll be happier when they click through because you won't be dropping any surprises on them Do you have any experience in Facebook paid advertising?

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I once advertised my Amazon book on facebook. My ad campaign did not succeed. I spent $5 a day for a week and saw no conversion. The money I spent on advertising my book was lost, not a single book was sold. Getting page likes, post likes, even traffic to your website work well with facebook paid advertising, however, facebook ads do not drive sales. This is my experience, other people might have different experience.

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I am seeing some advertisements in Facebook that looked real. One time my uncle who is residing in the US was asking me about a product that is related to cars. I said I haven’t seen that product. I was surprised by his response that he saw my name in the advertisement that I was one who liked the ad. That sounded fishy but then I realized that my husband also asked me the same question if I clicked on the like button of an advertisement of a cheese brand.

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