Limited quantity services

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Limited quantity services

I suggest adding feature to limit the number of products/services that can be sold.

For example: When selling product seller can set available items to 10 pieces -> after all of them are sold buy button will be replaced by "sold out" text.

That feature will be really helpful for sellers who only have limited stock or are only capable of doing x amount of orders at one time.

Example of how it could look like:

Limited quantity services


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We know that SEOclerks has an option "Sold Out". When your stop will be finish, you just simply click on "Sold out" by editing your services. Then your services will show "sold out". So, I don't think this feature also need.

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Yes, that is a good idea. Suppose I can manage 20 orders at a time, once my service reached 20 order, it will get automatically suspended.

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