Need Help on a Huge Project

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Need Help on a Huge Project

Hi, I thought about doing this post in "Introductions". But it seems not that many read those and I've been here for awhile. As those who have looked will have noticed, I'm not a seller. I've been a buyer and generally been really happy with my experience.

Which brings me to my purpose here...

For 3 years, our Organization has been putting together the pieces for a massive Global Project. We initially called it "A Million Jobs lifting a Billion People" for lack of anything better. Because the scope of the Project is to create a million new Jobs in Florida, largely based on lifting a Billion People in developing/Emerging Countries into the growing Global Middle Class.

Almost 35,000 Florida Businesses will be active Program Participants, as well as most of the State's Business. Trade, Development Associations. Our focus abroad will primarily be in Africa and Asia, with a fairly significant presence in South America, as well. We have various major interests who have signed up to make this Project successful.

One significant key will be both boosting the Web presence of tens of thousands of Small to Mid-Sized Businesses in Florida and other parts of the US and bringing cast areas in Developing/Emerging Countries actively online. Net access is now becoming widely available in most of these places. But now they need to put it to good use.

Our Organization and the Project Financiers will be paying most of the costs of kick-starting this. But as quickly as possible, we want to get the individual businesses, small & start-up Entrepreneurs, etc. doing more and more of their own heavy lifting.

It's my hope that SEO Clerks will be a MAJOR source of the necessary Net Empowerment for both the companies in Florida and abroad.

I am asking for any input from anyone here on how to make this work. The other "thread" on SEOClerks "Reputation" is an example of some of the challenges faced in doing this right. Any assistance in putting a good face on the work Y'all do really important. Ideas on how to point the right resources in the right direction when it's boots on the ground grind out the day to day with millions of people at a time would be appreciated.

I think this group can help alot of people while significantly boosting both your businesses and your image at the same time. But I need your help.

Thanks for your time and attention.



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