10-15% MoneyGram Charge is not fair.

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10-15% MoneyGram Charge is not fair.

Dear All ,
I would like to know what you guys have to say on recent change on charge of moneygram withdrawal.
It was zero and now its 10%-15% .
In my view its too much charge and started without any update or information.
Seoclerks was very supporting on these things before but i dont know whats going on now a days.
( sorry to say, but there are lot of un expected things happening these days).
2-5% charge is understandable but charge of %15 is high.
We are not using Moneygram in fashion, or just like that. We have no other option .
Paypal is not supported in our Country . We too would love to have a paypal account but unfortunately paypal is not available in our countries.
So here are the payment optoins we have :-

1) We had Payza option but its not available because its not operational in USA or blah blah blah.
2) We can have option of using Skrills (MoneyBookers) but i dont know what technical issues we have to use it .
3) MoneyGram you have lot of orders and hence you have started FEE a lot.
4) Payoneer it not easy to get card and they have hell lot of charges again in every move.

Need to discuss on this i think ..


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i have a good PAYZA account and i just wish the PAYZA withdrawal method option is available but as per the money-gram, though i don't use it,i think the charge is for maintenance of the service site and other affairs.

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I understand your frustration and sympathize with the situation. I don't understand these type of situations either as I'm not an insider as to what is going on with the payment solutions.

Most likely, the fees are being charged to the SEOClerks site. And, when you choose that payment option for being paid, you have to take on that charge as a result as the site can't absorb it. Again, I don't know and hopefully we will get official word as to what is going on with payment fees for payout to sellers so the confusion can be cleared up.

Maybe if we could be paid by Bitcoin that would be better for those who don't have access to Paypal. I don't think there is a fee for payout by Bit coin. Surely there is a payment solution that does not charge when money is transferred to the seller.

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beverly thanks for your input, its so good to have atleast one administrator to always respond to issues like this. weldone beverly. i will love to be your friend.

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