50+ Verified Ways to Share and Distribute Your Affiliate Links Services Products or Offers

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50+ Verified Ways to Share and Distribute Your Affiliate Links Services Products or Offers

If you are to succeed in affiliate marketing, you need to get people to visit the page where your affiliate links are and then click on those links directly if you're to make any money from your efforts. And while the best way to promote your affiliate links is mostly through your own website, and then promoting your site. Knowing WHERE you can actually post those links to (whether it's your own site or an affiliate link) is another matter altogether.

Also most sites you can use for advertising, promotion or marketing each have their own rules about what you can and cannot post. You don't want to end up getting blocked or banned from using a site that you currently have a good rapport with. So I've put together a list of places where you CAN post and promote your affiliate links on. Whether it's using your own site, or posting the affiliate links directly.

This will be a 5 part course with 10 different suggestions per day. Some of them might seem a little obvious at first, but bare with me, some of them are going to blow your mind and really and truly help you make more affiliate commissions!

So without further adieu, let's start with the suggestions..

1. Your Facebook Profile

If you've been on Facebook for quite some time now and have a lot of friends, even if that includes friends you've never actually met in real life! Your Facebook profile can be a very powerful tool to use to promote and share your affiliate links, products, services or offers. You can post your affiliate links to your profile but do so in a way that doesn't look like an obvious plug. Keep it casual - present a problem and provide a solution to it which just happens to involve clicking your affiliate link for them to get the solution to that problem. Seeing as you know most of your friends and what sort of problems they might share from time to time, you can really tap into that with your own Facebook profile and people will be much more likely to trust you and then make the purchase.

2. Facebook Pages

While Facebook might limit the hell out of how many people you can reach, and it can take a while before you even get a lot of fans on that page, a Facebook page can seem like a long shot for someone starting out in affiliate marketing but it goes hand-in-hand with your own website or business and serves as a platform where you can attract new clients or interested parties from Facebook and can go on to become a very profitable page if you apply some good Facebook page marketing methods. But even if you don't have your own Facebook page, you can still search for other pages related to your niche and post to these also. Provided you post something valuable and don't spam them with links all the time, the admins wont delete your post and it will remain there forever and can go on to send you traffic and earnings in time.

3. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are my go-to place when I need to generate some quick cash and traffic. There are usually hundreds of fairly big groups in any niche. You'll have to join them first and wait to get approved although most usually approve you quite quickly. And anything you post to them is usually quickly buried under hundreds of new posts. But consistent use of them daily, weekly and monthly can prove to be very effective. Just don't think that you can post once to them and that's all you need to do. Facebook Group marketing is a constant process of always adding your posts/links to the groups every day and engaging with other people too. I find posting in the morning, posting in the afternoon and then again in the evening time works best to get the most impact.

4. Google+ Communities

Like Facebook Groups, Google's Google+ Communities are very similar and very audience driven. You can probably find very big communities in any niche. So if you're promoting some fly fishing course then you can find fly fishing communities in which you can join and post to. You wont have to wait to be approved to post to them though like you would with Facebook Groups. And generally, people are a lot more responsive on Google+ communities. You can just post your affiliate links but you need to post them in a natural way and say something enticing and appealing about it like and once again, presenting or finding a problem and providing a solution with your post.
50+ Verified Ways to Share and Distribute Your Affiliate Links Services Products or Offers

5. YouTube Videos

Just like you can do a search on these platforms and social media sites for something you are promoting as an affiliate and find tons of pages, groups and communities around it, doing a quick search on YouTube for the same thing will usually return a bunch of videos that people are promoting. However, usually lots of these videos all look very similar and use the same template or are just dull and boring. But this is good because it can help you to create a better video than theres is. Then you promote that video and you'll be able to gain some ground as an expert in your niche area. You can put your affiliate links in the description area of your video but it's best to use a URL shortner that people are familiar with like or And YouTube video marketing opens a whole new can of worms that isn't for this guide but you can basically promote YouTube videos everywhere and people don't mind them so much as say, your boring affiliate link.

6. Twitter #Hashtags

Posting your affiliate links on Twitter is fine. But if you're not using #hashtags in your tweets not nearly as many people are going to see it. People usually search Twitter using nothing but hashtags and they are indexed by Google too. So don't just post your affiliate links to Twitter but do some research first into what hashtags to include in your tweets. As a general rule, you want to use them in the same way as you would keyword tags in that you have some specific and some general hashtags. So if you're promoting a fly fishing video course, you might want to use some specific hashtags like #flyfishingcourse #flyfishingvideo and then some general tags like #fishing #flyfishing #hobbies you get the idea right!?
50+ Verified Ways to Share and Distribute Your Affiliate Links Services Products or Offers

7. Pinterest Boards

While Pinterest is mostly full of bored housewives that are into crafts, art and design and love to look at cupcakes and handbags and then buy them for a bit of "online retail therapy". It can also be a gold mine of potentiality if you create boards for things your targeted audience might be interested in. You can pin super high quality images from places, or scrape images and pin them, using your affiliate link as the source. Just remember to put something witty and appealing about that pin not just what it is and also use a few #hashtags as well as people search Pinterest using them too.

8. Instagram Photos

Instagram is where all the cool, hip people hang out who have a lot of money to spend. And to post to Instagram you'll need a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and the Instagram App installed on it. You wont have to be an expert graphic designer to be successful on IG and you can't put links in your posts as well. Well you can but they're not hyperlinked. But if you can post super high quality images about things that you are promoting, (so if it's a fly fishing video course you'd post pictures of people fly fishing or catching fish using the fly fishing method) then that is one way of catching peoples attention and then you would link to your site from your IG profile and this can send you traffic to where your affiliate offers on fly fishing are. Also like Twitter and Pinterest, #hashtags play a major role on IG.

9. LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn is the perfect site for finding someone to employ or finding an employer. But it's also very effective when used professionally as an affiliate marketer as well. If you have some kind of business related professional marketing tool, resume writing service or anything else that is related to the professional business industry, your posts can go down quite well on LinkedIn. You'll need to gain a lot of followers that you can send your posts to when you make them so they see them too. And you must be careful not to spam your profile with just affiliate links only. Mix it up, add some cute funny cat pictures or funny meme's from time to time or something else that you might be interested in that isn't always about trying to make a buck!

10. LinkedIn Groups

Unlike Facebook Groups or Google's equivalent of it's Communities, you're limited in the amount of Linked Groups you can join. So this makes them very exclusive to be in and means that people treat them with a lot more respect and courtesy too. But it's not too hard to find some big LinkedIn groups in your niche which you can join. Some will be very closely related to your niche or some might be quite just generally business related groups. But you can post your affiliate links to these groups using call to actions and enticing words and texts and they can be very useful for gaining sales and exposure too. There is an A-Z directory of featured LinkedIn Groups to give you an ideal about the sorts of groups that do pretty well on LinkedIn.
50+ Verified Ways to Share and Distribute Your Affiliate Links Services Products or Offers

And that's that! For today anyway!... That's 10 verified and highly recommended suggestions of places where you can promote your affiliate links. Whether that is your SEOClerks affiliate links or for some other program or service, product or offer you're promoting. I hope you will like them and will use them and do let me know if you have any questions about any of the suggested places so far. And watch out for the next 10 coming soon! 50+ Verified Ways to Share and Distribute Your Affiliate Links Services Products or Offers



Carry on reading..


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Very good. As much i know, there is always something more to learn 50+ Verified Ways to Share and Distribute Your Affiliate Links Services Products or Offers And as i was always suggesting, it's very good option to have you own affiliate store to drive traffic to, so you can possibly sell one service, or your visitors can search for more and compare, or buy again and again. It's better then post one by one affiliate link all around social networks etc...

So we have something in common 50+ Verified Ways to Share and Distribute Your Affiliate Links Services Products or Offers

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Oh man, is that why I have been struggling to figure out Instagram? I have been trying to access it with my laptop... now I feel like such an idiot. (Slapping my head with embarrassment)

I am using all of the ones you mentioned except Instagram which I will get right now that I know what the problem is.

Now I am waiting eagerly for your next 10, I am sure the next lot will cover things I don't know so much about!

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Yes! Don't worry, you're not alone! Instagram has done that to many people. You can create an account and login via desktop and can comment on or like other peoples posts, but you can only post to IG on your mobile/tablet. So it can be a bit confusing for first time users but once you know this, you're practically unstoppable! 50+ Verified Ways to Share and Distribute Your Affiliate Links Services Products or Offers

And thanks I'm glad you liked them and are eager to read the next 10 that I will be sharing with you in the next few days or so. I am very confident you wont know about all of the methods but think you are really going to like them and actually use some of them as well so I'm very excited to do so as well as long as it helps! 50+ Verified Ways to Share and Distribute Your Affiliate Links Services Products or Offers


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The ones stated here are mainly promotion to social media networks. but i really appreciate them, thank you but i want you to post other areas apart from social network that one can promote his affiliate link too.
As per the instagram issues, i really faced serious problem trying to post images on my affiliate instagram page but couldn't go until i did some research and discovered that it can only be done on mobile,...very frustrating for me lolz. infact to experience the best of instagram, do al your online activities on mobile devices.

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Most websites are social websites, any social interaction on a website will put it in the "social media" category. SEOclerks can even be considered as a social media website too. However, I too want to know what other areas of the internet have high traffic that aren't solely intended for social media.

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This discussion will be continued, as there is only 10 ways mentioned here while 40 more is coming up soon, so just stay tuned 50+ Verified Ways to Share and Distribute Your Affiliate Links Services Products or Offers

BTW most of people using social media sites because there is large groups of people, so in one share you show it to thousands or millions of people. Other then that you can contact webmasters to display ads on their websites or use mailing list...

Anyway, there is more coming from "idealMike" ;)

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I have perused all 3 of your articles. I sort of started backward. Read the 3rd article first. I shared this discussion via my social media networks since it has the links to your other two articles. Have a lot of friends who are affiliate marketers. I know they would find your advice helpful. Your TIP #30 (3rd article) is very good. Might try it.

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