Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!

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Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!

Everyone knows what an infographic is these days, the name of it kinda gives it away. It's an information-graphic or infographic for short. They could just as well be called infopics or infoimages? But they usually contain graphics of some type so they're called infographics. And infographics are enjoyable to view and an excellent way to display some sort of information in a visually pleasing way.

And infographics are excellent when used for marketing purposes or for building brand awareness and other ways in which you can share information in a visually attractive and pleasing way. And since they're so good at this, it's no wonder more people don't use them for these reasons!

But often people think that creating an infographic is something only a professional can do - someone who has a lot of graphic design experience. But that's simply not true! While you can make infographics in virtually any image editing software like Photoshop or something, and you will need the required skills (and license) to use it. There are also a number of very good free online infographic creation sites you can use, and here we'll talk about five of the best ones to make a quick simple or even an advanced and sophisticated professional looking infographic with.

Infographics are meant to be an enjoyable and powerful way to to display information like facts and details. And before now, they weren't really easy to create yourself. Fortunately, as Internet technology has increased these days, so to have the image creation sites. As it goes, I've tested out what I think are the top 5 Infographic creation sites this quarter of 2016. This is my experience of using each site. After this, you should be able to create your own professional infographics for your own reasons and purposes. Ahh, wont the Internet be a better looking place for it!

Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites

1. Canva

Canva has become the most popular and powerful online image creation tool you can use to create many different types of images and designs, documents, presentations, covers, graphics, apps, letters, resumes, posters, flyers, business cards, leaflets, banners, logos, covers and more! Canva provide many different templates for each design type that you can edit yourself to your liking.

Here is a look at some of the design types you can choose from with Canva.
Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!
The intention here for me was to create an Infographic about SEOClerks for marketing purposes as an affiliate. There are many Infographic templates that you can choose from or you may select a blank template.

It's free to use the templates and you can add some basic elements and icons etc to it or import your own images. There's also a library of elements and images you can use, some are free but some are paid usually $1 minimum. Once you've selected the infographic template you want to use you can edit it and then save it (Download it).

Here is the quick Infographic I just made with Canva.
Took me approx 10 minutes.
Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!

Canva Features
  • Many design types and templates to choose from.
  • Free but some are paid premium elements and icons etc.
  • Premium version costs $15 p/m so you don't have to buy elements individually.
  • It's very easy to use, just drag no drop, click to edit etc.

2. Venngage

If you wanted to know what the next site similar to Canva is it's Venngage which is an excellent free online image creation site that is great for creating simple, fun or advanced professional infographics as well as reports for things like surveys, sales projections, resumes and eBooks. To promotional images for things like posters flyers, leaflets, business cards, postcards and more.
Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!
The Infographic section of Venngage is quite comprehensive and is split into 8 different sections. Statistical & Informational, Process & Comparison, Timeline & Geographic, Charts & Tutorial. Once you find a template you like the look of, click on it and it's time to start editing! The Venngage editor is quite powerful and simple to use. There's a small tour to help you find you way around but it's all rather user friendly and intuiative. Using the Vennage editor you can import icons, images, and other widgets into your infographic which you can then further edit to your liking. Provided you haven't used any premium elements or uploading your own, you wont be able to download it as an image, you'll be able to view it online though. However I know a workaround using DuckCapture scrolling screen saver so you can use that to make an image from it and then crop it and et voila! ;)

Again my intent behind using Venngage was to create an Infographic for SEOClerks as quickly as possible.

Overall it took me around 10 minutes to make this quick iinfographic.

I took a news paper angle with it! Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!

Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!
  • Venngage is a free to use unless you add your own images or use premium elements.
  • Premium version of Venngage costs $15 p/m with access to premium elements.
  • Venngage is very easy to use and the editor is powerful and intuitive.
  • Took me around 10 minutes to make a simple infographic.

3. offers a dozen free templates to start you off

This free web-based infographic tool offers you a dozen free templates to start you off, which are easily customizable. You get access to a library of things like arrows, shapes and connector lines, and you can customize the text with range of fonts, colours, text styles and sizes. The tool also lets you upload your graphics and position them with one touch.
Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed! is called because it helps you to create an infographic, easily? You can also create other promotional material like flyers, posters, leaflets, business cards etc etc quite easily with it too. But to create an infographic you can start from scratch or choose from one of the many vhemes which are different visual themes or "vhemes" by dragging one onto the canvas then drag and drop various icons, shapes or text or and images to it.

Click on a vheme you like the look of and think about how you could edit and change it to your preference.

I wanted to create a quick SEOClerks Infographic as a test and it was all quick and easy.

NOTE: This is more of a spoof infographic than a serious one!
Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!

You can view this infographic online and make changes to it and use it yourself.

Easelly really is easy to use and helps you to create an infographic quickly.
The Easelly premium only costs $3 a month which gives you access to their library.
Only took me about 10 minutes to create this simple infographic you can edit. Intro Video


Recently there has been some discussion on the effectiveness of having a portfolio site as a freelancer which can help you to get new clients who ask for samples of your work or clients you've worked for which you can put on your portfolio site and other stuff about you such as your services. Thus helping you to get more new clients and going on to earn you more money. And while websites make excellent portfolio sites, infographics as it turns out, make superb resumes as well! In fact, Infographic Resumes are the new thing and are helping people to get hired today!

Well to help with that a new infographic resume generator has arrived that can help you to visualize your resume in a few clicks from many sample infographic resume templates so that you can really express and display all your skills, qualifications, credentials and contact details in a much more pleasing and attractive way than boring old white paper resumes!

I think that Infographic Resumes are the next big thing and can help people get the job, so handles that perfectly letting you creating an infographic resume and see other peoples previously created resumes as examples so you can see how to express and display all of your professional accomplishments, skills and credentials. is smart, you can connect to it with your LinkedIn account to pull in all your account details data and use that in your infographic.

Overall is easy to use and it's free for creating a basic infographic resume but some of the services require payment. It's not completely free but it can still be used to create a professional looking infographic resume which could just help you get that job you're looking for.

I believe though that is an excellent tool for an affiliate marketer to make an infographic resume they can use for attracting clients and affiliates with.

Just take a look at Zhi Liang's first Infographic Resume which got him the job he wanted.
Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!
  • Very innovative first of its kind Infographic resume generator site.
  • Lets you express your professional accomplishments in a visually pleasing way.
  • Quick and very easy to use with tons of templates to edit on the fly.
  • Can connect to your LinkedIn account with it and have it use all your details.
  • Is free for basic stuff but sometimes payment is required.

This Vizualize explainer video does a good job of well, explaining

5. Piktochart

Piktochart is an infographic and presentation tool enabling you to turn boring data into engaging infographics with just a few clicks. You can create Infographics, presentations, posters and reports. Piktochart is very comprehensive but easy to get to grips with to create your infographic. Their GETTING STARTED – 5 STEPS TOCREATING YOUR FIRST INFOGRAPHIC IN 15 MINUTES eBook will get you up to speed with how to use it but it's fairly intertuative.
Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!
You can create an infographic from scratch or use one of their free templates. Once you select the template you like you can edit it by clicking on the elements or dragging and dropping other elements onto it. You can then download this infographic or import it to slideshare as a presentation.

Here's an infographic I created from it in about 5 minutes using my SEOClerks Power Seller guide for the content for it.
Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!
Or view it as a presentation Infographic.

Piktochart created Infographics have some small limitations on a free plan like not being able to download a high resolution infographic and being able to download it in PDF format and it will contain a watermark on it too. But paid plans start from $15 per month and give you access to unlimited templates & icons. Lets you remove the watermark and download in high res format as well as import to SlideShare as a professional presentation and store more of your own images on the server.

Piktochart has tons of free infographic templates you can edit and use for free.
The free version of Piktochart does watermark your images and has some limitations.
Easy and powerful editor with many colour schemes, fonts, pre-loaded graphics, icons and shapes.

How to Use Visme for Your Visual Content Needs

Jerry's Final Thought.

And that ladies and gentleman is the top 5 free infographic creation sites of 2016 and the basics of how each site works. It's clear that infographics are extremely popular and we could be entering a new era of infographic resumes which are helping people get the jobs they want and employers find the employees they want. None of these sites and their tools are hard to use, so there is no reason why anyone can't make a professional looking infographic for whatever reason and purpose they need.

I hope you enjoyed the list and will have a lot of fun creating infographics!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about anything said here.

What are some other good free infographic creation sites you know of and use?

What do you think of the infographic resume? Better than a white paper CV?


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This is pretty awesome Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!

I think you may have just upset a lot of people who wanted to sell infographs on Seoclerks Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!

This is definitely a money and time saver for me since I need to make at least one infograph per website so I can put an ad up on forums to bring in sales Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!

Thanks for the info, Mike Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!

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Thanks Raz! I guess I might have done! LOL But at the same time, this should also give people a lot of ideas about new services to start here on SEOClerks. And yes, this should save people time and money, with these sites, there is simply no need to pay out for expensive infographic creation services anymore. Sure, it might save you some time and the learning curve but they're really user-friendly and easy to get to grips with. I mean, the infographics I created only took me about 10 minutes. Imagine if I'd spent longer on them!

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This is a very informative discussion. I'll be sure to check the sites out and create some infographics in the future, and to apply them to my services. Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!

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Thanks Everett, glad you like it! I hope that you do and I look forward to seeing them! So long as they help you get ahead in some way and they go on to bringing in more clients, sales and revenue that's what it's all about! Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!

And yes, you could make one for each of your services too, that is a very good idea actually. I'm probably going to do that for several of my services, using the details already in the service to explain it in a visual way instead.

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Nice Mike, thanks for sharing all this information. Have you numbered them in order of preference? Meaning you like Canva the most? Or is it just randomly numbered?

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Thanks Lynne, you're welcome! And I would say yes to that, with Canva and Venngage being about the top 2 and the rest coming in after. But they all have their own pros and cons and limitations. Some have more templates than others, some have more tools, elements and things. Some have restrictions and what not. But even then, those might be better for you in a way because of how the site works. The best thing to do is try out each site as and when you can and see which one you prefer to use the most based on ease-of-use and features. One thing I'll mention is that I was able to create an account on all of these sites by loggin in with my Google account which saved some time not having to fill in an email and password. Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites Used and Reviewed!

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That was great. I really liked the infographics you managed to create. You showed just what these infographic creations sites are able to do truly graphically, and that is awesome for those who have never tried them out personally and are unsure which one appeals most to them. I believe that all of these infographic creation sites are great, and the fact that they are free is even better. Personally I like Canva as it is the only one that I ever tried out personally, but the others are great alternatives which I will gladly try out in the future.

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Thanks Elite, glad you liked them! I didn't really spend that much time on them tbh, if I'd have spent more time on them I could probably have created some really comprehensive and complex ones. But I didn't want to spend too long on them. The ideal was to find a site that would let me create a quick infographic that was basic but didn't take too long to make and said all that I basically wanted it to say if that makes sense. I hope to create a better one on SEOClerks soon but I'm doing some research first and might need to pick Jordan's brains on a few things to get some more stats on SEOClerks such as amount of sales made, amount in total paid out to affiliates that kind of stuff. All sensitive stuff but it could really help in getting the word out there more about SEOClerks. Either that or just for yourself as an SEOClerks affiliate like. Cheers and power to you!


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