How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site Tutorial

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How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site

There are many ways to drive free traffic to your website but not everybody knows about every method and many of them go underused by webmasters, bloggers and affiliate marketers simply because they don't know about them! SlideShare is a perfect example of a site that is excellent for driving and sending free traffic to your site, products, services and offers and for many other reasons!

You can use SlideShare for many reasons such as:

  • Driving traffic to your website or blog or anywhere
  • Ranking higher in the Google SERPs
  • Earning followers/fans etc for your social media pages
  • Getting new email newsletter subscribers
  • Building and establishing your brand and online awareness
  • Many other reasons sometimes just for fun!

However many people don't take full advantage of SlideShare because they don't know how to use it! Meaning you could be loosing out in revenue which your competitors could be stealing out from under you. Nevermind! I will teach you how to use SlideShare to send tons of free traffic to your site or affiliate products and services for many years to come! How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site

What is SlideShare?
How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site
SlideShare is a social media site like any other really. But instead of sharing updates about what you had for dinner or what your plans are for the day, you share presentations instead. Business and marketers have been using presentations for years (literally decades) simply because they are so effective at presenting something in a visually pleasing way. And SlideShare makes it free-n-easy for anyone to upload a presentation of some kind which can end up going viral and being viewed by millions of people quickly as well as ranking high for many years to come.

The thing is a lot of people don't know how to make presentations for SlideShare which is a shame because they're very easy and fun to make and they can go on to help you improve your Google SERPs and also increase your social followers on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc etc, as well as earn you newsletter subscribers and result in clients and just help to increase your brand's awareness and just drive targeted traffic to it through SlideShare presentations!

Shocking SlideShare Statistics
  • SlideShare receives 500% more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • 45% of SlideShare presentations have 10 to 30 slides, and an average 24 words per slide.
  • The six most used tags on SlideShare are business, statistics, social media, market, trends, and research.
  • Mobile use of SlideShare is on the rise due to more people using mobile devices.
  • Infographics on SlideShare are liked five times more than presentations.

If you use SlideShare properly, it can prove to be really effective for your business. Whatever that may be. So let's look at some ways in which you can use SlideShare and how to get the most from it.
  • Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website or Blog
    SlideShare was founded in 2006 with the aim of making knowledge sharing easy. It was got by LinkedIn in 2012 and has since grown into a top destination for reading and posting professional content. With over 70 million unique visitors a month, 80% of which come through search, it is today one of the top 100 most visited websites in the world. Because of this user base there is so much potential and opportunity to be had in marketing and promoting yourself, your site, products, services or offers or anything else in presentation style using SlideShare.

  • Build Brand Awareness and Increase Exposure
    SlideShare can get your business a lot of exposure through using amazing high quality and viral like presentations and can be an excellent social media information sharing site in which you can establish your website or brand name online with. It wont happen from just one presentation even if it's super amazing, but having many different presentations that are all high qualify will help in time for these very reasons.

  • Increase Your Rankings
    Because it's a high authority social media site, these presentations will help you to build good ranking and authority in the search engines by having presentations on SlideShare and sites like it. That counts for other links you put in your presentations like social media links etc.

  • Earn Social Media Followers
    SlideShare is very effective for generating and earning social media followers for your social pages and accounts like Facebook fans/followers or friends, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest followers etc. This is because most of its users already have accounts on those social media sites. So always include links to your social media pages and profiles at the end of your presentation where people can follow you. Use a small icon but make sure the name is visible so people can see it and click on it.

  • Earn Email Subscribers
    Of course, some of you are growing your list and know that the money is in the list too! You can use SlideShare to generate email subscribers to your email newsletters if that's what you do and it can be very effective as well as these are responsive users. But to get them you'll need to mention it and use a call to action in your presentation and include a subscription link where they can subscribe.

So now that you know what it's for and how it can be used. Before you go off into a slide sharing frenzy! It's best to know some important rules to follow or do's and don'ts to using SlideShare. Using SlideShare isn't difficult and hard to do. It's not even hard to learn. But it will require a little effort on your behalf. Here's some things you should and should not do to enjoy all the benefits that SlideShare can provide.

Only Create High Quality Presentations

This is like the most important rule of them all but your presentations must be of the highest quality. There's absolutely no exceptions to this rule. If you don't have the skills to make a quality presentation, hire someone who does to make it for you. It's far better to do so and upload only high quality presentations rather than just upload something that is mediocre in quality. This applies for both the content of the presentation and the design of it too.

Regarding your presentation content, the most popular presentations are mostly of something that people find really useful or is super sensational in some way or perhaps toys with their emotions somehow. So your presentation needs to be one of three things or all three combined a) high quality, b) useful, and c) plays on their emotions somehow. Even if it does have all these things, there's no guarantee that it will become popular and go viral but this will help give it a better chance of that happening and will help you in the years to come.

When making your presentation, you might want to exaggerate a little and make it really sensational and appealing. But doing this can also backfire on you as well if they're too far fetched. So you need to make sure your presentations are true and honest and don't over exaggerate things in them too much as it can make your readers distrust you and not visit your links!

Use Appealing Keyword Friendly Titles

Just like you would do in article marketing or anything, in that you create an appealing and captivating title, your presentation title is extremely important and wants to be something that will cause people to click on it. Boring, dull, thoughtless titles will result in less views of your presentation. Your title needs to be memorable and informative and a play on words. You'll want to use power words that play on the readers emotions. And for the best SEO effect, you'll want to include the main keywords you're targeting in your title if you can of course, but only if it's in a way that is natural. Don't try to force your keywords in if they don't make sense or look right being in the title.

Keep Your Slides Short n' Sweet!

Remember, you're not writing a book! This is a presentation and each slide needs to be keep short, sweet and to the point. Keep each slide easy to follow/read and digest which is the secret for a successful presentation. Use images sparingly and make good use of different font sizes and don't include too much text on each slide so that it doesn't take too much time to view and take in.

Target Longtail Keywords

SlideShare is a high authority site and as such, some presentations on the site are ranked high in Google. For this reason, you can use Slideshare to target some long-tail keywords also. You should include them in the title of your presentation if possible as well as in the description area as well of course! Just make sure to use them naturally and wrap them around some other related, relevant text. Don't do any form of keyword stuffing on SlideShare!

Go Easy on The Links

You can't do blatant self promotion on SlideShare (they come down on it like they do on Reddit!) But you are allowed to place a a couple links in your presentation to your site or social profiles etc that's fine! It's best to put this at the end of your presentation on the last slide making sure that it's clear and easy to see by your readers once they've finished reading it. Depending on your presentation, sometimes you may want to include a link on each slide to something related. That's fine but only when it's needed and not for no reason of just having a link! Just go easy on the links and keep them natural.

Make Your Presentation Amazing

I know I've said this, but the quality of your presentation matters so much. SlideShare prefer excellent quality presentations. Sure there's a lot of mediocre presentations on SlideShare, but if you want yours to stand out amongst the many millions then it needs to look good from the first page to the end. Only use high quality images for the cover and on the slides themselves. Make sure to spell check and grammar check your presentations and maybe even get them proof read even if you are a native English writer.

How to Make SlideShare Presentations?

There are many ways to make a SlideShare presentation, many different tools and even free online sites you can use to make amazing presentations with. Some free and some paid depending on the site and any features you want in your presentation.

If you already have a PDF document, you can upload it and convert it to a SlideShare presentation using SlideShare itself. But it's best these don't always look great and it's best to make a presentation from the start using some slide show presentation software or online tools.

If you're looking to jump straight in and start making your own free professional looking presentations then 3 of the best free online tools to use are, HaikuDeck and Prezi as they're both very dedicated to helping you to put together awesome presentations. However some of these top free infographic creation sites also can be used for creating presentations for SlideShare too such as Canva which has many presentation templates you can choose from and quickly edit with your own details.

Your presentation doesn't need to contain a lot of details. Start with making some fun slides at first and experiment. Check out other presentations that are about the same things you will be making them on and see how they are doing it and learn from them ideas on what sort of presentations you can make. You can make fun slides with only few pages that can be equally as effective as presentations with a lot of slides.

Also, one last tip regarding the presentation creation, it's always best to save it as a PDF (Portable Document Format) rather than a PPS (Power Point Slideshow). This is because PPS files don't always open on every device and don't always look great where as with a PDF more devices can open it and you'll know it will always look how you made it and how it was supposed to. I know you'll be uploading it to SlideShare but this can be uploaded and shared to other similar presentation slide show sites like SlideShare.

There is also much more to SlideShare and using it, than I have put here. It can do a lot of good if you make good use of it and I hope this will inspire you to do so! How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Over to you!

Do you already use SlideShare? What's your experience been like? Do you have any questions about anything said here? Shoot!



I've been thinking about getting into slideshare marketing but it's been on the back burner for a while now since I've been swamped with work.

I do have a few questions for you, if you'd like to answer them How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site

  1. Obviously there's a way to optimize your slideshare presentations so that you can rank for long tailed keywords, and possibly shorter keywords if you're lucky. My questions is do you think it would be possible to publish a slideshare presentation and then treat it like your own website and build links to it like it was your homepage in order to rank for those difficult keywords? I've done stuff like that in the past, but the pages I would post on gave me a dofollow backlink that flowed down to my site.
  2. After a certain amount of time, or posts, can you add a link in your description to wherever you want as long as it's not porn, gambling, or hateful material? I know a lot of people will see a URL that isn't clickable and just gloss over it, but if it's a hyperlink there's more of a chance that you'll get a click through to your website How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site
  3. What kind of click throughs have you heard about when posting a successful presentation on slideshare? Lets say I get a popular presentation going and I have 100,000 views on it. What is the likely hood of someone clicking through, or copying/pasting my URL into their browser, and coming to my website?
  4. How well do slideshare presentations convert into sales? I see that slideshare is owned by LinkedIn, and I know the majority of people on slideshare are business owners, but do they sign up? I sell a service for $500+, do you think I could get a few sales by using my marketing knowledge?

Thanks IdealMike How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site

- Razzy

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1. Yes! You could do that and that's a very good idea as well because then you can just focus on doing what works best on that site and that's adding lots of new slides the same way as you would add posts to your own site or blog. It's just that everyone's got blogs anyway they use but treating it like that like you would your site will definitely pay off for you the more you stick at it. Some people have been smashing it on SlideShare by being consistent and learning as they go. But it's just like any other Web 2.0 social media site or blog in that you want to regularly keep posting new slides to it and coming up with ever more better ones that go on to be popular and rank high for years to come.

2. It depends, for the first couple of slides or the last one or two maybe but it's better to keep them out of the actual main presentation slides. Most good slides are made of of the beginning pages like the cover and introduction and then the main pages with the content and one or two ending pages which would contain your contact details, logo, site links, social media links. But you can put a hyperlinked in some of your main slides as well if there's cause for it and you make it look natural and valuable.

3. That really all depends on several factors that come down to how much your reader wants or needs what your slideshare presents to them and whether it's presented in a way that makes them want to click and visit your site or links in the presentation. Some slideshare presentations have been ranking high for many years and go on to send the owners many clicks and traffic. How much converts also depends on what they see at the other end as well. That's why you have to use call to actions and make sure your main domain at least is made prominently known to them.

4. Yes probably most definitely. Definitely maybe at least. I mean, SlideShare's users are more clued up and savvy, information filled, business minded and orientated users. They're interested in business related things. If your presentation is appealing and presses all the right buttons, then there is no reason why they wouldn't sign up to you if that was what they're looking for and that does happen too. But it all comes down to the slides themselves and how well it's put together and how much it makes them want to click and sign up. That's the good thing about SlideShare is that you can get really creative and come up with all sorts of ways of appealing to peoples emotions. With each new slide they see, you can beat them down a little bit more until you've covered many objections people usually have and they are basically like putty in your hands at the end of it. How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site

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Thanks for these great questions and answers Razzy and Mike How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site

The only that made me a little nervous and edgy was the fact that you said members on this site appear to be similar to Reddit when it comes to self promotion. I was crucified on Reddit a few years ago, and to be honest I don't think that sort of abuse (and it was abuse) was deserved no matter what I did.

Thanks for the warning about that Mike, that is good to know and keep in mind when starting out. I had no idea that Reddit was like that so it came as a complete shock to me.

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I hear you Lynne! Fortunately, SlideShare is a place where you CAN post affiliate marketing offers etc. Provided you present it in a way that is informational. Like, if your presentations have more than 2 slides! The minimum slides each presentation wants to have is around 10 else it's not really worth being a slideshow! Provided your presentations are professional looking and informative in nature and have a fair old good amount of slides and it's a somewhat informative slideshow then there's no reason why you should face any such treatment by SlideShare's users. Actually their user base has a bit more of a grownup mentality and isn't like Reddit in that respect as if they don't like it they just won't say anything on it usually.

The best thing to do Lynne, is to search SlideShare for the same things you want to market/promote sale on there. Find similar presentations and look at what they are look, how they have done it. You will see some of them have been there for years. Then you can use them for ideas and inspiration as to what your presentations you add to it can look like, what you can do and that.

Don't worry, you'll be fine and will do really well on there I'm sure if you stick at it! How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site

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Thanks for the tips and guidance Mike, ok so it sounds like this will be easier on me than Reddit to master!

Now I have something new to learn this week. I'll have a look as soon as I get home from my little holiday with my kids!

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Great Lynne! Looking forward to seeing your presentation! Although don't feel like you have to show me. Just have some fun! That's what it's all about. Just having fun with it. Your first presentation isn't probably going to be the most amazing presentation ever. But that's fine! Just keep it short and sweet and have fun with it and from that you'll learn and be able to make bigger and better presentations until eventually, you'll be a SlideShare pro and dominating it on there for your niche! How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site

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And this just highlights why I LOVE the SEO Clerk discussion threads! have honestly never heard of Slideshare. I love learning about anything new that I can use to generate traffic to my website, grow my social networks and increase my subscribers.

There are always new things to learn and there are always so many things that claim to help you with your online business. A lot of them I ignore simply because I can't join everything but this looks like something I will enjoy and really be able leverage to my advantage. Thanks Mike, I really appreciate this information!

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You're welcome Lynne! That's what it's all about for me. Opening new avenues to people they can go down and use to their advantage. And you can have a lot of fun on SlideShare as well whether it's just making the slides which can be a ton of fun, or viewing other peoples slides! But it's always much more fun when you're actually getting something out of it as well. I hope to see your slides in the future but I'll definitely be devoting more of my time to SlideShare marketing for the purpose of gaining some SEOClerks affiliates as well. I was playing around with Google Slides last night. Or Google Presentations and you can create some presentations very easily which you can then download and upload to SlideShare and share wherever else you want to as well, on your site/blog, on your social media pages and other sites like SlideShare too. Definitely check it it! How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site

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Hey Mike. Thanks for these additional tips. I have never ever made slides before or a presentation so I will have to figure that out, or maybe I should get someone here to prepare some for me to get me started How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site But yes I have been thinking how this will really add some great value to my websites. I will be joining SlideShare as soon as I get back home and I look forward to figuring it all out. Like I said there is always something new and exciting being recommended but I don't have spare time to join everything but this looks like a great fit for my websites!

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Thanks for sharing this Mike. I didn’t know that you can use SlideShare to drive traffic to your website. You really learn something new every day. I will try this and then reply here with some of my results. Hopefully, this will go well and drive a decent amount of traffic to my website. Did you manage to increase your SERP with SlideShare? I think it may contribute to increasing your SERP but probably won’t do much by itself and will need extra work.

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Awesome MasterA! If your slides are really good they can go on and get you traffic for many years thus increasing your SERP in time from that perspective. But you the more you have the better of course. How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Let us know your slide when its done. How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site

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Slideshare sounds like a great alternative. It sounds better than Reddit and will allow users to really showcase their sites. There are so many useful tools on here that many people should be able to benefit from this topic. It was a great one to share. Thanks again!

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