How To Use Quora As A Marketing and Promotion Tool for Finding Clients as a Freelancer

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How To Use Quora As A Marketing and Promotion Tool for Finding Clients as a Freelancer

Quora is a question and answer site much like Yahoo! Answers and other Q&A sites. But it's only about 5 years old so is still quite an infant. When you compare it to the age of Yahoo! Answers for example which has been with us for over a decade now. But Quora is proving to be one the foremost go-to sites for people who need high quality answers to their questions and for investigative research reasons.

Quora's mission is to "grow the world’s knowledge of all kinds."

There are around 50 Q&A sites in the digital universe but Quora is standing out from all of them based purely on the questions given to the answers asked. And Quora can be used not only to get questions to just about every question you ever wanted answered or that mankind has or could ever ask such what is the meaning of life? But Quora can be useful to use as a marketing and promotional tool as well. For finding clients and work as a freelancer or for promoting your own site and services as well.

Quora for Freelancers

When it comes to marketing and promotion - content rules! Content is the main way that you can establish yourself as a trusted authority in your niche. According to Curata (a company that does marketing research) in just two years from now around 88% of all digital marketing will be done with content. But as you know, for that content to rank high and get noticed and get shared a lot, it needs to be high quality content that is evergreen and highly informative in nature. I'm talking about content that people actually find useful not just filler content!

And that's where Quora comes in to play. With over 400,000 topics on the site covering everything on Earth from A-Z. Some questions that are asked, they can end up with hundreds of answers in them and that can result in thousands of followers. For instance, let's say someone asks a question about SEO and I give them a very detailed answer. The person who asked that question who likes my answer and finds it useful will likely follow me as will other people who come across that question and answer and find it useful too.

Benefits to Using Quora and Having Lots of Quora Followers
  • Free exposure to Quora's 700,000+ U/V's P/M.
  • Building expertise and authority in your niche.
  • Learning from other peoples and industry leaders and experts.
  • Awareness building of your brand, product or services.
  • Insight into the people that are interested in your brand, products or services.

Free Marketing and Exposure on Quora

Quora can be used to gain free exposure and for marketing yourself, your brand or services and products. There are many people always asking many different questions that cover a very wide array of industries and areas. If you already have skills and experience in one of these areas then you'll be more able to provide a meaningful and valuable answer. Some areas have more questions than others. It really all depends on the niche of it. And for those that are in high demand such as SEO or SMO etc you can probably find them easily.

But even if you're in a niche that isn't in real high demand such as pool cleaning or something, you can still use Quora to gain some free exposure for yourself or your business by answering any question asked about that such as the best way to clean your pool and then answering that in a way that is helpful and then including a link to your website at the end of your answer as a byline.

Quora Answering Guidelines

Quora say the best way to gain more exposure and attract more readers to your answers is to write them in a general way. So rather than answering in a short answer, be as descriptive as you can and write about your actual experience with it as well. What you want to do is impress people with the answers you give so they find them really useful and will be more likely to upvote your answer.

And when you get your answers upvoted enough, it can rise to the top and get featured on the Quora homepage and that can end up sending you tons of traffic back to your site as the byline for that answer. So a well written answer that is very detailed and attractive (perhaps a few bulleted points), can attract a lot of attention and go on to send you traffic to your site for many years.

Quora for SEO

It's advised by Quora that your questions be clear about what they're actually asking. And you should put some details in the body area about the question so that people can clearly understand the question and give you a much more definitive answer. And your questions should be open ended too. Also if your question is new but one already exists for it, you should reword it in a such a way as to put a different spin on it.

In fact, you should do SEO before asking questions and use long tail keywords in your question (as well as your answer) because Quora is rapidly crawled and indexed by Google FAST! So think about adding in some long tail keywords that are relevant to your niche and then check in Google after about 5 minutes for it and you'll probably find it ranking on the 1st page.

How to use Quora as a Freelancer to Find New Clients with?

Just like my guide the other day on how to use Reddit to find new clients and work with. You can do the same/similar sort of thing on Quora. There are literally millions of people using Quora on a daily basis asking questions like "how to build backlinks" or "what SEO is good to do" and things like that. You can sort by questions or answers or posts or topics and blogs. And you can sort by time as well so you can view all the most recent questions for that day or week or even month or longer. Then you can just go in and answer it in a good way. A good helpful and valuable way. Be descriptive, but be open ended and use some nice formatting and put a few bullet points or something like that. Then just sign up with your website link as the byline.
How To Use Quora As A Marketing and Promotion Tool for Finding Clients as a Freelancer
You can even place links to valuable related sources of interest and help that would be valuable to that question being answered. Just make sure to use them naturally an only when needed and don't try and put your own links in a way that looks like a blatant self plug! That said, there are many people that do just put one or two sentences and their website link and it sticks.

Like this question for example on What are good companies to build backlinks to my site?

That one is just waiting for you to answer it and put your SEOClerks profile link in! How To Use Quora As A Marketing and Promotion Tool for Finding Clients as a Freelancer

Are you using Quora Q&A site for finding freelance work already?

Or for building authority and traffic to your site?


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Thanks Mike. You know what? Since joining the community discussions here at SeoClerks there are a number of things that just keep coming up. Quora is one of those things and I am a member but I have never posted an answer or a question there.

I guess when something keeps glaring at me like this is it time to take a closer look?

I initially heard about Quora as a way of building up yourself as an authority in your niche and now I am hearing so much about how it can generate some traffic too.

I think it is time to get more involved now. Thanks for all these tips, they are always appreciated.

Maybe Razzy can now do a tutorial on Yahoo Q & A?

Do you advise being on both MIke?

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Oh yeah for sure! Being on both. If you can that is. If you can find the time. They can both be worth posting on because in time, all your work can really make a significant impact and go on to send you traffic for years. Just look at some of the old Yahoo! Answers and questions and answers. They've been there for many years and rank high in the SERPS. That goes on to bring you traffic for years and also builds rank and authority to your site at the same time as establishing yourself as an expert and authority in your niche as well. You should try to make the time just to spend 5 minutes a day several times a week, nothing too exerting, just searching for words in your niche and drop the occasional answer in or asking the odd question here and there. In time, it will really pay off! How To Use Quora As A Marketing and Promotion Tool for Finding Clients as a Freelancer

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Yeah, Quora is pretty active still and probably the best Q&A website out there at the moment. But I feel like the soul of the original community is gone.

Quora did a more professional approach to Q&A and because of this it lost the huge social aspect of the community that Yahoo Answers had. I now feel that Quora has become just a place where people promote their own stuff, creating the answers as well as the questions.

I don't think Quora will die any time soon, but if they don't invent some new functionalities and actually develop a more social community, well, lets just say I hope it won't follow Yahoo Answers to the grave.

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Very good post Mike! Quora is actually not bad for marketing at all. i didn't use it very much, but i tried it couple mothe ago just for fun and test drive, soi have to say that out of five replays there i made one affiliate sale, so i guess it works How To Use Quora As A Marketing and Promotion Tool for Finding Clients as a Freelancer

Also i subscribed to few niches on Quora and when i visit, usually i find some very interesting questions and answers, so it's not just bla bla site. I like it

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Awesome Abid yeah I find it a lot better than Yahoo Answers. Just spend 5 minutes there everyday or so and in time you can build up a good name for yourself and command respect and that can be valuable in itself!

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I've actually found myself a few times visiting Quora because of questions I typed into Google, Yahoo! and Bing How To Use Quora As A Marketing and Promotion Tool for Finding Clients as a Freelancer

Doing posts on Yahoo! Answers has always been a bing thing and now it seems that Quora is hot on their tail lol. I tend to write all the time so posting to Yahoo! Answers and Quora is right up my alley.

I didn't think they got 700k views per month, I honestly thought it would be more than that since I've seen the website a few times when searching on Google. But at just a few years old and already getting 700,000 views per month, that's pretty impressive. I wish my websites got 700,000 views per month lol.

Posting to Quora for SEO benefits and to obtain clients slipped past me, until now. I've been on Yahoo! answers and have actually had some of my virtual assistants do a good amount of posts for me in order to pull in traffic and clients. It works really well on Yahoo! so I assume it would work well on Quora, but not as good as yahoo. I'm sure if we get in now and build an authority within the site we could get a load of traffic when it becomes more popular down the road. I know that with just a few good posts and getting the top answer on yahoo! I got a huge ROI because my post stays pinned as the best post and people will see it first right under the question. I assume that Quora will be the same way and we can get traffic for years to come How To Use Quora As A Marketing and Promotion Tool for Finding Clients as a Freelancer

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Not 700,000 views Raz, 700,000 U/V's. So that's just unique visitors. They probably get a lot more views and page loads than that. And yes it basically works the same way as Yahoo Answers from that perspective. We should see it how we see Yahoo Answers now in that some of us wish we'd have built up authority accounts on YA but here we have a chance to get in early on Quora and that could pay dividends later down the line. How To Use Quora As A Marketing and Promotion Tool for Finding Clients as a Freelancer

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This is a really neat concept.. I love the interactive aspect of Quora that you're describing. I'm probably going to spend way too much time checking this out, now. It sounds super cool, and really useful. Thank you SO much for the info!

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You're welcome. I hope to see you on there some time and come across your answers. And maybe even questions. I think we could all team up and help each other on Quora in fact. Like each time you post a question, come here and tell us about it and we'll all go answer it and upvote it and everyone do the same thing for other peoples questions and answers as well. I've been thinking about this and will have to put together a team of Quora's that will be willing to do it as we could really help each other and getting your question on the homepage can send you heaps of traffic much like it does when it goes to the homepage of the Internet (Reddit).

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I am not on Quora but I sometimes land on Quora to get answers. Quora can be a good platform to promote and market ourselves or our products and services, however, my question is are we allowed to share links to our answers. If yes, then it will be very helpful in generating traffic, if not allowed, how can spending time on Quora can be beneficial for us.

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