It is important to have an unsubscribe button!

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It is important to have an unsubscribe button!

I recently joined a website for a large chain supermarket in my country because I thought they offered online shopping in my area. With my kids with me it is almost impossible to get a decent shop done. If I could do it online I would be so happy.

So anyway after signing up I had a look around their website and tried to place an order but they don't deliver to my area so I wanted to know how I could cancel my account on their website but there was no option to.

I tried to contact them through their contact form, which didn't work. I then got sent a welcome email and there was no unsubscribe button.

I replied to their email voicing my irritation and I told them to remove me from their list.

That was 2 weeks ago and I have received another 2 promotional emails and no response.

Not having an unsubscribe button just leaves your readers annoyed and irritated, especially if they email to unsubscribe and get ignored.

What I don't understand is that businesses pay for different amounts of subscribers and for different amounts of emails sent each month. So the more people on your list and the more emails you send out the more you will be paying.

Surely if this is the case you want to make it as easy as possible to let people unsubscribe when they don't want to receive your emails anymore.

I certainly don't want to be paying for people on my list that just delete my emails or mark them as spam!

Do you have an unsubscribe button onall your emails?


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Yes, of course. Personally I’ve closed some of my accounts just because of spamming emails that was impossible to stop receiving them, since none of them had an unsubscribe button, all commercial emails should have an unsubscribe button that allow users to opt-out if they don’t want to receive them. And according to ”CAN-SPAM Act 2003“ it is illegal to send commercial emails without an unsubscribe button at the end of page.

The unsubscribe button is the primary thing that you should add to your emails before sending them, currently I'm not doing any promotion via emails, but I would never send them without giving to recipients a way to opt-out.

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Procoder that is what really got me with this one, it is probably the largest supermarket chain in South Africa and they don't have an unsubscribe button and they have not responded to my email complaint for over 2 weeks.

I feel very negatively towards them now, every time I get an email I get even more irritated.

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I feel your pain. All accounts should have a delete option, and all email mailing lists should have a way to unsubscribe either in the emails or in the account. However, not all do, and it's highly irritating. The worst is when they have an unsubscribe button, but it's non-functional. One of things I do is use gmail aliases when I sign up for things. I have 3 aliases. 1 is for family, 2 is for important stuff, 3 is for sign ups on sites sites. Then I just ignore mail sent to the main address (in theory) since no-one should be sending mail there. I also have another email account for signups on sites I don't care to receive emails from. Unfortunately not all sites accept gmail aliases (LOOKING AT YOU SEOCLERKS!) so sometimes I have to use the normal email address, which screws up my organization system a bit. It is important to have an unsubscribe button!

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Yes all emails should have an unsubscribe option, like Procoder said it is against the law to send commercial emails without it!

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I think as per the spam act there are many things that needs to be done. One being you have to have the unsubscribe button at the bottom. Also the emails are asked to keep the original real world address for the company. Like this many such small rules are there. This way the spam act compliance is properly managed. Many autoresponder companies manage the case like this easily for sure.

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