How can I increase my sales when I cannot get services approved?

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How can I increase my sales when I cannot get services approved?

Hi, I am Erick. I am new on SEOclerk and have been unable to get approval for services easily. I want increase my service sales. What can i do? Please provide me with tips or tricks on how to get services approved, such as what is acceptable for services, what I should avoid or any information you have on service promotion. Thank you.


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Hi Erick, welcome to the SEOClerks Marketplace and Community Discussions! I understand what you are saying. It sounds like you've been trying to submit some services and are being told that it's not been allowed on clicking submit because they are not currently accepting those kinds of services does that ring any bells?

Certain services are no longer being allowed to be published on the site. Such services include those that sell likes, fans, views and the like. The only ones that can sell them are pre-established and highly rated sellers that have had those services up for a long time already.

As for increasing your sales for your current services. There are lots of things you can do to do that. You need to promote, market and advertise them. You can do this on your own blog, on other sites, forums and social media sites as well.

You can bump them daily so they show at the top of the category they are in. And you can also purchase advertising such as category highlighting as well which will highlight them in the categories list of services which will increase your chances of it selling.

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Cheers and all the best to you!


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Hey Erick, welcome to SEOclerks! Mike here, provided you with pretty much all the information you need to increase your service here.
I would be adding a few tips from my experience here, I've been with SC right from the start.
  1. Stay active and never give up. At first, when you first register, it is normal, you'll not get that many orders, stay active and don't give up, do what Mike says and keep on doing it.
  2. Sometimes you'll get "sessions" of order, meaning sometimes, sales are good but other times sales will drop, don't worry, its normal, keep improving your sales pitch and gig's description.
  3. Staying active on the Community Discussions may increase sales. Sellers come here to read about news and stuff, they see you giving cool answers, they decide they'll buy your services. Simple as that.

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One thing you need to consider is removing this from your profile:
I know the secret formula of 1st page Ranking on Google

No one knows the secret formula of ranking on Google, and I mean no one. This could potentially turn away professional SEO freelancers or outsourcers from doing business with you. It's kinda a flag red for most buyers not to buy honestly.

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We have discussed and through explianed this issue in many tutorials that have been posted here some months or even years ago. idealmike has posted some links to some of them, but you can do your research to bring them out and read them. They are very very useful.

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It is important that before posting a service you make sure that it is one which is allowed. It would be best for you to go over the Listing Guidelines, as well as check out what kinds of services are currently being offered in the various sections of the marketplace. At first you will not be getting lots of orders. It takes time, effort and patience to become popular among other established sellers. However it is doable as long as you show commitment and log in daily. You could gain some reputation by completing any Want to Buy's that you have the right skills for. I also suggest participating in community discussions.

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