Reciprocal links and banner exchange...

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Reciprocal links and banner exchange...

Back in 2000 and years after, when i started building my own websites, Google was a little unknown baby and most of us, webmasters, were getting a lot of traffic from website directories, reciprocal link exchanges and banner exchanges.
Back then, it was fun and it was a good source of webtraffic but also nice way of connecting to other webmasters while exchanging such things.

Nowadays, it doesn't seems to be popular any more, while i think it still SHOULD BE, because of power this things can bring to anyone involved in such exchanges...

Do you still use some of these, or would you be interested to become reciprocal member of such exchange again?

Not just for sake of getting authority or backlink, but also to have some fun again and some organic web-traffic too...


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Ohhh man. Back in the day when reciprocal links worked for more than just direct traffic I was trying to get my links on all types of websites. I would be very interested in doing a link exchange if I wasn't worried that my websites would get marked as a blog network and then I get knocked in the rankings. It obviously wouldn't be a blog network, but you can never be too safe when it comes to an automated system evaluating and documenting everything that has to do with a website, including it's external and internal links.

You might also get stuck in a link wheel and we all know how "great" those are lol. If one website gets hit with a penalty and it's in a link wheel, you'll most likely get hit with the same penalty since you're in the link wheel. Back in the day this type of linking was amazing for rankings and everyone was doing it. But then there were a select few who were really trying to game the system and built link wheels for everything and ranked for whatever they wanted. After Google started to battle these types of links it hurt the people who were genuinely linking to various niche related websites Reciprocal links and banner exchange...

I don't think I was ever hit with one of these penalties, but I was new back then and wouldn't have been able to figure it out even if I was lol Reciprocal links and banner exchange... Now a days I stick with linking to external websites by using nofollow hyperlinks and only adding them to my subpages. This way I can avoid all the penalties but still link to pages I like Reciprocal links and banner exchange...

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Yeah, that's true that Google destroyed this fun to rule whole internet and set up their own game after they were marking so many websites for "link farming" and penalize them. Sad. I totaly forgot about that part while i was writing this discussions Reciprocal links and banner exchange... as i was thinking of old days fun.
Well it still could be done trough javascripts where only traffic could count Reciprocal links and banner exchange...

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Yeah I used to do a lot of that in the arcade gaming niche. It was quite effective and since there was so many people looking for link and banner exchanges with any site regardless of it's age or stats and that so long as it was on a new IP class and was in the gaming niche, it was really easy to get a lot of links fast from different sites, aged and good and on different IP classes as well.

After a while I started churning out lot of different WP arcades in different online gaming niches and was selling footer links, text links, advertising, banners and guest post by the dozen every month. That was a lot of fun and lasted for a while. Then Google done a lot of its major algo updates and a lot of sites got dropped and lost rankings and it all went really quiet for a while! After a while I flipped most of those sites.

But that was a good laugh while it lasted and it used to work really well as well. I find a way to get links quickly as well from all the top flash gaming sites using AVscripts links page and that and it had great results on the arcade sites I was running it on so I was able to rank them up quickly and use their good rankings as leverage to sell text and banner links on them easier. Reciprocal links and banner exchange...

I would probably do the same thing again for a new gaming arcade if I ever done that again. I do have a couple old ones I might do that on and get some links for it by doing link exchange with people. I mean, they help because they're related. It's still natural to link to a site and link back to that site. You just have to have other stuff as well as if you do just that only it might not help your rankings much in the long term. But used in conjunction with other SEO and having good social presence, social signals count, and wide link portfolio you should be fine and can benefit from the extra traffic those sites bring from your links/banners.

You just have to be prepared to them in return.

If only reciprocal links didn't require a reciprocating link! Reciprocal links and banner exchange...

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I think it would be a great idea to do some link exchanges with other websites in your niche. In fact there are a few people in the parenting niche that I am on friendly terms with that I was thinking of contacting and asking to do some promotions with.

We already often share each others new content socially and often when there is something important that they we are trying to push we will help each other out.

I like being friendly with people in my niche and working as a team where we can. I do think that there is more than enough business to go around and if we help each other where we can it can only benefit us all.

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How would you do these exchanges? In the past we put each other homepage link in our blog roll so we will gain side wide backlinks.

Nowadays I don't recommend implementing this method. But I do recommend you mention niche related bloggers in your articles and link them in the actual content of the article. Try choosing articles they've written that are similar to your subject and adds an extra bit of user experience because of the cumulated information you both provide. Doing this kind of external linking you will both benefit. And of course, if you link somebody, make sure you contact them and let them know, they'll surely return the favor at one point.

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I am going to do a review for each of the mommies I am in contact with and then they will put a banner up on their websites for meReciprocal links and banner exchange...

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