Asking users to review your app: the Do's and Dont's

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Asking users to review your app: the Do's and Dont's

When someone develops an app they do so to make money or to make it go viral enough for someone to buy it for a few million lol. Now we've all used apps where we are asked to review the app we're using at the time and sometimes it gets pretty annoying.

Here are the top Do's and Dont's I could think of. Feel free to comment with more Asking users to review your app: the Do

The Do's

  1. Finding the right moment - Push your review recommendation when the user has done something that will put a smile on their face. This can be anything from leveling up in a game or purchasing a product with ease. By figuring out when they are happy with your app, you can increase the amount of positive reviews you will recieve.
  2. Show you care - Users really like when they see some emotion coming from the programmers or owners of the app. Even if this is fully automate, and it should be, it will still come across as you're taking an interest in the user. You can ask if the user is happy with the app and they can click "Yes" or "No". If they click "Yes" then the review pop up should reload and show something like "Mind leaving us a review?". If the user clicks "No" the pop up should close and let the user be on their way.
  3. Give them a choice - Like said above, you need to have option for the user to click no matter what. If the only option that shows is they love the app, then it will look like you're forcing them to love it, and no one likes forced love... Anyone who does not like your app should be forwarded to your support system and not the app page where they can review it. This way you're funneling bad reviews to be dealt with in a professional manner and you're protecting your image Asking users to review your app: the Do
  4. In App Review System - Now this is a different system than what will show to the public. This will be where you can solve problems and get some great people praising you at the same time. You can also integrate this with the positive reviews being redirected to the proper channels to leave you a review for the public to see while others who have negative comments will stay on your own support system for you to deal with.

The Dont's
  1. Do Not Beg For Positive Ratings - Your pop ups asking for reviews should look like you're asking the user for help. It should never ask them to leave a 5 star review, ever. It just shows you as needy and no one likes that. Have you ever seen the "Please rate us 5 stars!" and the app was complete garbage? Yeah, they probably will get a lot of bad reviews because they are trying to force people to leave positive reviews lol.
  2. Don't offer incentives - In the beginning this will work for some app developers but in the long run you'll run into problems because your reviews will not be authentic and your app will be at risk of being removed from popular platforms.
  3. Don't Bombard Them - Whenever I'm using an app I like to get to know how it works before I run into any pop ups. Don't set it up so that your users see a "Review Me!" pop up the first time the log in. Set it to between 10 and 15 logins or opens and you'll usually get more positive reviews since the people who will see the pop up are the ones who consistently use the app.

These are just a few I could think of.

Does anyone have anything else they can share?

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Wow great article! It's very useful for people that develop apps. I think that the review system also can be exported to software development (desktop apps) and then show reviews in the website of the the software, for example.
Regards, CodeBots.

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Awesome CD Razz! Rating system is very important when it comes to app, specially in mobile apps. I've seen some terrible rating systems in some apps, and I can say that they are already dead just because of rating system that keep showing every single min if you do not rate, and this will lead users to uninstall it from their device, because nobody want to see a rating form after some mins of using that app.

If I will create a mobile app, I will use only emoticons as rating system, simply some faces that will allow users to express their experience of using my app. Rating system should be smart, and the most important thing is to find the right time based on the user location , and it should be active only to new users that haven't rate after a couple of days using it.

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Thanks Razzy I think this is great.

I have had a review pop up come up before when I only just downloaded an app and that really annoyed me because really I had not even used it so how on earth can I review it? That just got me irritated before I even got started using it. The thing is that I hate pop ups with a passion, especially when someone wants me to do something or to buy something or give away my email address...

I like what you said about a pop up asking if you like the app and if you say no it gets sent to support. There is more to getting a review than just getting positive ratings on your app, it is about finding out what is wrong and fixing it, it is about keeping your users happy.

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This reminds me of an app that I downloaded when I got my first Samsung. It was a game app that looked promising. In fact, it was fun to play. But I was kind of irritated by the pop up that invites me to give it a rating. And when I did give it a rating, I earned some points for my score. It was good at first because it increased my score but later on I realized that it was like bribing me with the added points to give it a rating.

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