Selling ad space then paying for PPC and profiting.

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Selling ad space then paying for PPC and profiting.

In my last post I was talking about how I had the idea of setting up a directory and making money off of it by selling premium listings and basic listings. That is an old method, but a good one that can still make you some money if you put some time into it.

This post is about setting up a website and selling ad space on it. The great thing about this is that you can set it up and get one dedicated advertiser to buy all the ad space or split up the ad space so multiple companies have a chance to make money off of your traffic. The beauty of this is that you can set up your website, sell an ad spot, pay for some PPC through adwords or Yahoo!/Bing and help get your advertiser some clicks in order to make money.

The only shady part of this is that you'll have to spoof your traffic so that people or businesses thinking about advertising on your website will see it and instantly want to get an ad on your pages. You can set up a hitleap account and get some traffic pretty easily by setting up your auto surf and compiling points then aiming those points at your pages.

The real traffic will start coming in after you begin your content generation and optimization, as well as after you get your first advertiser. Take at least half of the money you were paid by the advertiser and put it into PPC. Try to get the lowest CPC in order to maximize your clicks and potential sales for your advertisers.

Some people have done this in the past and made some pretty good money from it. The only thing with this is that you have to run a legitimate website by posting quality content and not just loading all of your pages with ads. Have your ads shown in normal sections like the header and sidebars, not 90% of your page and the 10% which is yours is just content. Reverse that and have 90% of the page yours with 10% being banners from your advertisers. But to be honest, 10% may be a little too much. You'll have to play around with it to see what works best.

You'll also have to place the ads in sections of your website to increase the click through rates so that your advertisers can get the biggest bang for their buck. Just remember, if they're not getting clicks, they won't renew their subscription Selling ad space then paying for PPC and profiting.

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Hmm but to use PPC to get clicks on their links, i am not clear about this really

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This still works? Blowing up the traffic and selling old school ads spaces? Like those little tiny square boxes? I used to sell ad space on my blog, the best part was being paid upfront, convinced a lot of people to pay for 1-3 months even 6 months upfront.

Really easy money! Never artificially bumped my traffic though but reading your last post on how you can get tons of real looking traffic, this may be something I can do with my new blogs. The only problem would be renewing clients, if they don't get any conversions they won't buy ad space a second time.

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I was thinking of selling ad space on my mommy blog but I have decided that I don't want to. I don't like the look of banner ads. Call me a prude but I love my mommy blog looking nice and clean if that makes sense.

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I think PPC based ad selling can be good. But you may have to find out the traffic and see the conversion. For me it sometimes makes good rate but a lot of times, I have found out it can be harder to convert. So based on that I have learned that it's better to focus on the affiliate links. You can just upload the image and then use the affiliate links. That also works for some people.

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