How can I develop a list of niche related directories?

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How can I develop a list of niche related directories?

A few years ago I spent a lot of time in building free directory lists from different niches and topics so that I could submit my client's websites into directories related to their content and overall website idea.

Now I think I should do the same for some local clients. Problems are there are no more updated directory lists out there! SEOs used to share these lists on forums and special blogs, but most of those forums are dead and the blog posts are inactive, with directory lists being not relevant anymore.

How do I get such lists again? The directories need to be free to publish, I'm not willing to pay for those links, any special tools to scan for such websites that are still active?



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Which types of directories do you mean Cristian? Do you mean Link Directories? Or Local Listing directories? I know we shouldn't plug our own services on here in a blatant way unless there is much cause and reason for it. But I do have a list of directories in my SEO Backlinks List. It contains some of the following directory listing lists.

Local Business Listing Sites
100 US Business Listing Sites
120 UK Business Listing Sites
60 Australian Business Listing
50 Canadian Business Listing Sites
64 Indian Business Listing Sites

And there is also

Directory Submission Sites
500+ Top Free Directories List
85 UK Link Directories
82 German and Dutch Directories

Along with tons of other lists as well which you might find very useful for your clients.

Of course, you can find them in Google as well using the right search parameters. But you wont know if they charge a fee to submit to them or not unless you actually visit the submit page of each site. Some don't show you that until after you have filled out the form.

You could use ScrapeBox as well to scan for them. Just plugin a few footprints and some other search terms like "submit" or "URL" etc etc (the words that appear on the submit forms of those sites) along with words like "free" to find the free ones. That's what I used to do to make that list but I went through most of the sites to make sure they were high quality sites anyway so it's a time saver for you.

Hope this helps!


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Your list seems cool Mike, is it up to date? Are all the websites listed still alive? If yes, I might buy it from you, this seems to have everything I need and look for at the moment.

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Of course! They are the biggest and best sites from all of them in each category. So they aren't ever replaced by other sites. There may be one or two in each list but most if not all of them in each list will still be up and running. They are the biggest of the best sites and they never end. Virtually every site in each of those lists is a high authority site and those types of sites never go down. That's the beauty of that list. How can I develop a list of niche related directories?

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I'm convinced Mike! Just ordered.

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Cristian I'm glad to hear that you ordered that list! I got mine a few months ago and looking at such a huge list of backlinks sites makes me dizzy! I've made a start on it but I really must get more into it.

When I started reading you post I was going to suggest checking out Mike's service.

Good luck with it.

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