Does seoclerk has an official app ?

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Does seoclerk has an official app ?

Its a pain in the ass viewing seoclerks in mobile browser . So i was wondering whether seoclerks has an official app ?

Please provide me the link if there is one .



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Hello acesolutions.
I have never heard about an official SEOClerks app.. But I might have missed it, even though I don't think so. However, I haven't had the same experience as you. I've used my phone several times and I've never had a bad experience actually. Sure, it's easier to use my computer, but that's always the case. At least it is for me and the sites I'm using.

With that being said, would you mind sharing your experience?
I would like to know why it's a "pain in the ass" and also what phone you're using?

Share as much details as you can, so I can compare your experience with my own. And perhaps an official app might be launched in the short future if enough people are requesting it.

Best regards,

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Well there is no official Seoclerks app out there and we are talking about this for last couple years, since we had old forum. There was numerous requests by members to have one of these for their mobile phones and i believe that Seoclerks staff have that in mind and on their "to do" list, but there was no official announcement about it as yet, so we all leaving in hope to have it sometime soon Does seoclerk has an official app ?

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Oh that's interesting. I have a bottom of the range Samsung smart phone and I have no issues working SeoClerks with my phone. I really don't like using my phone for anything other than phoning and texting so the fact I find using SeoClerks hassle free on my phone says a lot.

I think though that the phone you use might have a lot to do with it. That said I think an official SeoClerks app would be way cool.

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No. There is no SEOclerks official app yet. As far as I know things are moving in the right direction and maybe in 2017 will get to finally have an SEOclerks mobile app for Android, Apple and everything else, even windows mobile.

In my opinion SEOClerk's mobile responsiveness is very good as it is right now, it almost feels like an app, sure there are certain things that need improvement but that's why the app will be built.
Once SC has an official app it will be unstoppable!

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As far as I know there is not an app. However I cannot say that I experience any difficulties or problems to access the site from my smartphone or from my tablet. I have a One Plus 3 and it is really straightforward to browse Seoclerks on it. Before I had a Samsung Galaxy and I recall it was a bit less convenient though. So I imagine it really depends on the type of smartphone one has.

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