What is an email marketing funnel really?

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What is an email marketing funnel really?

OK now call me dumb or something but I don't quite understand what an email funnel really is.

I have been invited by so many people to join in these so called amazing email funnels. I have been told I can get like hundreds of fresh leads a day. Ok so it sounds great so far.

Now this is what I don't get. From what I can understand from the outside I am required to give my email address and details over when I sign up right?

Then from then on every single person that signs up to the website after me gets added to my funnel so I have their details.

So that would also imply that MY email address and details have been shared with every single person on that website too.

Then I can email all those people with offers?

I'm sorry but why am I the only person that looks at this and says it completely sucks?


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An email marketing funnel is basically a marketing funnel, done by email. Understanding the marketing funnel is the key to understanding how an email marketing funnel works. Basically it's a way of filtering out non-interested, non-paying visitors/traffic/people, by presenting them with different stages, as a process of elimination. What you're doing is filtering out those that don't convert and ending up with those that do.

It all basically comes down to knowing everything that makes up a good email marketing campaign. Knowing how to optimize your titles, knowing the right power words to use. And knowing about the best layout and formatting to use in the content of your emails.

What you're talking about sounds very much like a chain mail system. A digital version of what you sometimes get in the post. Have you ever got one of those before? Where they say to send $5.00 to the top 5 people on the list, then remove the top one and replace it with your name and then send that out to other people who then send $5.00 to the top 5 people on the list and so on and so on. And where the more people who you then send that letter to (with your name or email address on it), the more people that will pay you. They say that if only 10% of 1000 people was to send you the $5.00 then obviously that would be 90 people still and bag you $450. But the way that scam works is that there is only ever one person sending them out and they have their name or email in the top 5 people.

Or what website is this you're talking about specifically Lynne?

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There are loads of them, not just one Mike. People are always recommending I join but I really don't have time for that. I know that there is the real email marketing funnel that you are referring to but then these shoddy websites also call themselves funnels which makes me want to stay far far way!

It's like a pyramid scheme but with email addresses, no thank you!

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No Lynne, you are not the only one.

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