Choosing a niche for a forum.

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Choosing a niche for a forum.

One thing I have learned from past experience of owning my own forums is that so many genre's of forum are now overly done, meaning that depending on the kind of niche you choose for your forum you could have high competition. When choosing an idea I always find it best to search around for other forums of a similar niche, take a look at what they have to offer and think of what you could offer that is more unique. If you can think of unique ideas for a forum of that niche then go for it and put your idea into action. Without unique ideas your forum could end up getting lost in the crowd which is something you would want to avoid especially with a new forum.

How do you make a decision on an idea for a forum? Is there any kind of protocol you follow before jumping in with your idea?


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I do what you suggested looking at other forums. I recently created backlinks tech seo forum only just made it not got any members as yet as am still adding new features on it using mybb themes and seo plugins. I love created sites kind of a hobby of mine. I also check other sites and see what layout they have and topics I never copy it just gives me good ideas and inspiration.

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I understand that a niche is something unique or revolutionary. Why create a forum about pets when there are hundreds, if not thousands, of those genre. Maybe a forum about Jupiter exploration can be considered unique even if slightly. However, is that forum capable of getting members? Are there forum goers who would be interested in exploring Jupiter? Personally, I don't think so. That is a problem in creating a niche of a forum, there should be a support group in order to assure success otherwise it will just stagnate. I know of many stagnating forums that owners may have thought to be a niche. It's just unethical to post their links here but I think there are lots of those kind of forums.

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