Some MyBB forum plugin you should have !

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Some MyBB forum plugin you should have !

If you are running a community forum then you may know about MyBB forum script. Its a free and open source community script. MyBB script loaded with a lot of features like private messaging, reputation system, tread rating, plugins and so on. Today I want to share some of the most useful plugins which you should have on your forum.

1. MyAlerts
MyAlerts is a notification system for MyBB forum. It is a system that provides visual alerts for events in a MyBB forum on a user-by-user basis.

2. MyBot
MyBot is an automatc bot. This bot can react on new Users or on threads/posts. There are several conditions and action available for the bot such as delete post, move thread, Approve/Unapprove threads and many more. This bot can work as your forum moderator. You will just need to set conditions and actions.

3. Thank You/Like System
Thank You/Like System enables users to Thank or LIke others threads/replies. MyAlerts plugin also work with this plugin. This mean when someone will like or thank your post you will get notification through MyAlerts system.

4. My Profile
My Profile is an another useful plugin for MyBB. This plugin will add some extra features/field in a user profile. Currently this plugin add below features/fields

  • Profile Comments
  • Buddy List
  • Last Profile Visitors list

5. My Facebook Connect
This plugin will let ?your users login and register using Facebook with ease! Most of the people use Facebook. so this plugin will help people to join your community without making a new account.

6. My Twitter Connet
This plugin will let your users login and register using their Twitter account.

7. Google SEO
SEO is the most important thing of a website. It always help a website to get member and visitors. Google SEO is a very useful plugin for MyBB. With Google SEO plugin you can make your forum SEO friendly. Even you can change your URL structure of your MyBB forum with this plugin.

8. MyBB Tags
MyBB Tags is an another useful plugin. It will enable tag system for your user.

9. MyBBlog
This plugin will add a simple blog for you where you can post articles, news etc. and your user can comment on your posts as well.

10. MentionMe
Your user can mention/tag each other with this plugin (like Twitter). This plugin also work with MyAlerts plugin.

From my opinion these plugins are very useful for any MyBB forum I know there are lots of plugins are available and may be I missed some important plugins. If you got any other useful plugin then please share with us. Also let us know about your favorite MyBB plugins.

Thanks for reading.


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Thanks for the awesome list of MyBB forum plugins! Same as Wordpress I can see you have an answer for pretty much every functionality a forums needs, especially more modern ones like Facebook connect and Twitter connect, which will allow anyone to easily register.
I'm really impressed to see people still using and opening new forums, the great part is that there are still people out there to develop new features and plugins to help the overall community. I never thought forms will endure this long, I believed that social networks would have killed them by now...

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I think that Social Networks and Community forums are not same. They are different. Social networks enables users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, etc. On the other hand forums are place for, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. So there is huge different between forums and social networks and I believe that neither social networks can kill forums nor forums can kill social networks. But one thing is true that its really hard to make a forum successful.

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The above plugins are really useful.
The facebook connect, twitter connect, google seo and blog plugins would be really useful. They will definitely increase the site popularity and ranking.

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