Quick Easy Backlinks

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Quick Easy Backlinks

?Easy Way To Get Quick Easy Backlinks

So many of us urge a site to do well even more so we even want backlinks and easy is a quick way to get them.
Firstly many of us know what forums are now there are plenty of forums to choose from . If you want to build backlinks up fast with forums this is the easiest to do it . But some forums are different from others be sure to join ones which allow you to have a signature script so you can put your URL in this . Putting your url in the signature not only creates a backlink but will get your site noticed depending how active you are on the forum. Also some allow you to enter your URL in your profiles , So first things first look on google for forums which allow signature and fill out your profile to the best you can and place in your URL into the signature.

Now all you do is start posting on the forum. Act natural and just join in on conversations and the more forums and topics your messaging the more times your link is seen and as exposure.

To also find out more about backlinks and forums backlinks please check out

LazyAssStoner YouTube channel HERE ?His top videos below
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This guy as brilliant tips and tricks about seo and linkbuilding. His methods are powerful and recently I tried a few of them and they actually do work.



Oh yes forums can be a great way to get good quality backlinks to your site. In fact, they are a great resource for getting related backlinks to your site which are the best kind of backlinks you can get and are worth their weight in Gold! So if you are in the Internet Marketing / SEO niche, then you would just basically join a bunch of the best, oldest, highest ranking, or any forum really, in that niche. And then through having a link in your sig and always being active on those forums, your link will show up in posts/threads that are discussing all things IM / SEO etc. For that reason, forums are a great resource for getting those all important and essential backlinks from related sources as yours. And it's not just sig links you can get as you can create threads that are valuable and resourceful and link out to your site in a natural way such as linking to a blog post on your blog that is a resource for whatever it is you're talking about in that post/thread but all done in a completely natural way so it's allowed to do. And those kinds of threads can stick around for as long as the forum does and go on to send you traffic to your site for years and even rank high in the SE's and do the same.

There's a great trick that LazyAssStoner says about using forums for not creating "Orphan pages". Orphan pages are just basically pages on a website/forum etc which have your links on them. But they have no internal pages linking to them so they're not very strong pages. So the trick is to create internal links to that page so that it's not an orphan page. The more you can create to it, the more value and authority it will have, and the more Google will see that page as an important, authority page on that site. That can make your backlinks on those sites much more powerful. Quick Easy Backlinks

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Using signatures and even profiles on a forum is one of the easiest ways to gain backlinks. I follow this method and have found that backlinks increase pretty quickly and if I am active on the forums which most of the time I am they tend to get noticed too which helps with traffic and possible new members.

Another easy way to gain backlinks is to guest blog post or blog post. If you can find blogs that interest you and allow links in your profile or in some cases allow you to enter your url which will then place a link in your posts making your username clickable this is another great way to increase backlinks. I have done this too on numerous occasions and it does work well.

Another method is to look for free directories. Some of them require a reciprocal link which is fine, I tend to just create a page for link backs on my server which get accepted and from there I gain more backlinks.

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I do forum posting, I am on numerous forums. I use my website links as the signature on these forums. Since I am active in these forums, my signature appears frequently. I get good traffic from these forums. My signature also creates powerful backlinks as these forums are high ranking forums.

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I fully agree with acting naturally which means joining a forum with SEO in mind for the backlinks is not a good idea. You can easily place your site’s link on the forum if you have been posting in the natural way and you had established your presence as a bona fide member of the forum. After sometime you can post about your site but again in a natural way so it will not appear like spamming.

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