Contact local companies until they think you're annoying to increase sales

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Contact local companies until they think you're annoying to increase sales

When you're trying to start off with online marketing you will want to work with local clients in order to get started. Now you don't have to start off with local clients, but it's easier to close them since you can sit down and talk about what they need done. If a local client wants to meet in person it usually means they are interested in signing up, and if they can see you and shake your hand this will build trust. But what do you do about those companies that aren't responding to you? Do you just write them off as if they don't check their emails or do you stay persistent?

Get Annoying!

I've tried this out when people don't respond to me, I'll just keep contacting them every week in order to get a response. If they eventually respond saying "Please remove me from your lists" or "We're not interested" then I will stop contacting them. My final email to their response will be something along the lines of "Sure, not a problem! When you do decide to take your online marketing strategies to the next level we you that you contact us to help you out Contact local companies until they think you" By responding this way they know we're actual people and not an automated system just spamming them.

By getting annoying like this I tend to get shot down, a lot, but that doesn't discourage me because there's always a chance they will come back and sign up. I would say I've seen around a 2% chance of signing up from these companies that I keep annoying until they respond. I've had a few come back and actually sign up a month or two after they told me to take them off of my list, so that's a win as well. The percentage of this is low, but if you have a yearly contract that needs to be signed you can make the time invested worth it. I will usually start off any company with my $450 or $550 packages that I customize to their needs. So if I'm contacting 100 companies a month and annoying them, I can usually get 1 or 2 of them to sign up and have a chance at a 3rd signing up in a month or two.

Sending out these 100 emails each week isn't difficult because you can send them out in intervals each week. To keep any of your accounts safe, you should split up all the emails into 5 or 7 lists (depends on if you work weekends) or you can do it in 2 or 3 lists if you want to only focus on emailing that many days.

We'll say you set up 5 lists for this example Contact local companies until they think you

  • 100 emails divide by 5 is 20. So now you have 5 lists with 20 emails each.
  • You can manually send these emails out through your main websites support email, or better yet, your personal email on your own domain. So if your name was Dan, you would send the emails from and it would seem more personal.
  • Write up a unique email each week and begin sending on Monday. You will be writing up a new email each week. The email doesn't have to be crazy long, actually it helps to just get your point across so these people can skim over everything and decide if they want to click through. Save the email in a .txt file so there isn't and random code saved that you can't see.
  • Start with your copy and paste email campaign Contact local companies until they think you just copy and paste your email content into the body and add each businesses email into the "TO" section.
  • Write up a great title, or a few to do split testing. You will be using different titles each week.
  • Select a title and now paste it into the "Title" section of the email.
  • Start Sending!

Do this for each email in your list, it shouldn't take long since you're sending the same email to each business in your list. By doing the above steps you should see a decent response rate, even if they're negative. You will then delete all of the negative emails from your list and add in fresh ones. Depending on the size of your town or city, you might have a few hundred to a thousand emails to do this with. Just stay under around 100 a day when sending out emails like this because you don't want your hosting or email to get suspended.

You can definitely automate this by getting some software and putting it on a VPS (virtual private server) for a few bucks. Some pieces of software will cost you a few hundred dollars but you can usually find a decent one for around $20 for what you need. A VPS is usually pretty cheap as well costing $4 to $10 a month. You'll need to rotate your IP address every week when doing this if you're sending out a lot of emails. This is because the IP could get blacklisted on mailservers and you will just be wasting your time sending out anything.

In conclusion:
This can easily increase your sales when focusing on local businesses. Just be sure to stay annoying up until the point they ask you to remove them from your list or they say something negative. It's a little bit of work, but it's worth it in the long run because you can compile clients each month and have a pretty nice income Contact local companies until they think you

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Haha, those are some very good tips. Sadly, I'm not good at being annoying. I just hate it when I can tell that I'm annoying somebody. It makes me feel awkward. Maybe I will try in the future but it seems to require a lot of effort due to my personality.

Kudos to you though, it takes a lot of perseverance and stamina to actually use this strategy. Very creative.

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How annoying is too annoying? Also, do you mean being annoying by being consistent or being annoying to be annoying? How would one go about finding customers locally? Do you mean physically local or in your same country local? Sorry for all the questions I am just a really curious person that overthinks things.

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This is great Raz I love the sales tactics where you never see even those that say no as a complete loss and never really lose sight of them because you're right it's true sometimes even those that say no now do come back to you and you can get them on board somehow. Whether that's people you meet in real life or those you talk to on the phone or those that you talk to on Skype or Whatsapp or by Email or something too. Just anyone and in any way in general. That's why you should just be cool and be a good sport with everyone even those that show their annoyance and display it to you verbally too lol Contact local companies until they think you

But it just goes to show too how persistence defeats resistance! That's something my boss used to tell us as a way to make us power through the objections we'd get until they're eventually signing up or signing off! LOL Contact local companies until they think you

But this is just a common sense life hack isn't it? I mean, it's just a trick that you can use on people to get something. And that is in it's simplicity, just being so annoying that they end up giving in just to keep the peace and shut you up lol.

That's a good skill to have and tactic to use in the world of business if you ask me! Contact local companies until they think you


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Pardon me but I think those annoying marketing people put the business at risk. When there is a salesman knocking on our gate, we just ignore him. But if he is persistent then we would probably scold him or accuse him of breaching the peace in our home. However, I understand that there are some marketing guys who are gifted with charm and gab. They can lure you with their sales pitch and let them enter your home just like that.

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