Why I am not getting freelance orders?

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Why I am not getting freelance orders?

Hey, this is time to discuss that why I or anyone not getting order on seoclerks.


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There could be many reasons behind this.

Reason 1: You don't have many services
Having only 6 services won't get your name out there as quick as you'd like. Try setting up various services in the same niche so that you can possibly turn up for multiple searches. There are people out there who have dozens of services and only have them so they can get seen more. Each service is unique though, they're not just adding a different title and calling it a new service.

Reason 2: Your services lack content
I checked your first service and all I saw was a bunch of red text. That's never a good thing because red is the sign of an error, and even though people won't think that when they see it, their subconscious might push them away. Edit your text so it's black and throw in some color by highlighting your trigger words.

Reason 3: You're not cross selling
Many successful sellers here on SEOclerks will cross sell their services. I'm referring to linking all of your services in the description section of every service you offer. This will get people bouncing around your services and you're likely going to increase your sales.

Reason 4: You're member level is low
Right now you're only level 1, which is what everyone is when they start. Of course it will be an uphill battle to increase your ranking, but it can be done. Participate in the Community Discussion section because there are a lot of people that come through here looking for information and they will likely click through to your profile. Don't spam your links though.

Reason 5: You're not advertising
SEOclerks has an advertising option for services and if you purchase one of the slots, you can get your services seen much more. And if you're cross selling your services, this will only help increase everything across the board Why I am not getting freelance orders?

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Hey,razy thanks for answering
but how to advertising on seoclerks

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Not sure about SEOClerks. But many sellers here usually post their gigs advertise on other forums. Make sure of the signature feature on other forums. And then try to get as many people to notice you. That would help help a lot. Also do advertise on the social media. You can open dedicated profile where you can be helpful with other social media members. And this can help you land some freelance orders.

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@Razzy as summed it possibly might not make sales especially if you're on level 1 that means your rating is low.

your service content might not be attractive enough.

Your advertising power might be low.So just keep up improving on what you're doing.

put the right things in place for a good result.

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You should be promoting yourself and your services just like with anything else. The usual ways of advertising through your social media profiles, various forums, forums signatures, and so on. You can't expect people to just "know" that you are here. You have to TELL them and attract them - make them want to buy your services. Promotion and advertising are the keys that you're missing Why I am not getting freelance orders? try and see that your orders will increase.

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Go here to see all the advertising options.

I would suggest paid bumps, permanent feature and category feature. These would get you the most exposure for your money. Highlighting your service sounds nice, but it just highlights your listing which won't get seen unless you're paying for bumps and/or a features spots.

Permanent Feature:
This allows your listing to be shown on the homepage continuously for 1 month. You'll get a huge amount of views each day because whenever someone lands on the homepage, whether they're logged in or not, they will have a chance to see your service and might sign up or log in to purchase.

Category Feature: This is similar to the permanent feature but just for the category you're targeting. It's a cheaper option mainly because you're not going to get as many views on your service, but it's still viable if you're in one of the bigger categories of

Paid Bumps: This is similar to how a forum works, if you have bumps you can use for your service, it will jump to the top of the section when it gets past page 1 or 2 (not sure exactly, you'll have to contact SEOclerks about that). Once it jumps to the top of the page, that's 1 bump. Bumps are automatic and will be used as soon as your service falls off a specific page. These are what I would suggest if you're not going to get either of the featured upgrades.

Thanks Why I am not getting freelance orders?

- Razzy

Be sure to follow me Why I am not getting freelance orders?

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Make sure that you get the word out there about your services as the others have said. Try to improve your rating, and see what happens. People have to know you are there in order to give your orders. I think you if you put yourself out there enough your orders will come.

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I suggest you do the cross selling technique if you want your services to be seen by potential buyers. You can always link your services to other platforms specially the forums that accept advertising. And yeah, advertising too. You should probably make an introduction video about your services and be sure not to make it long enough for people to eventually back out.

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Point four: your member is low, stands out amongst the other points.

Drawing from my past experiences, this is just about the main or only reason why a lot of freelancers don't sell in the beginning. It really takes a lot of everything to get pass this stage.

The level system on most freelance platform to me is an unfair process. One third of clients always prefer to work with high level freelancers whom they believe will execute a job better, but we both know that isn't the case.

I am of the opinion that beginners or the low level freelancers will put in a lot of effort to deliver a better job in a bid to level up.

if only the level system could be compromised for something better to enable and encourage beginners.

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There are a lot of things that could be affecting the number of freelancer orders you are getting. The most likely reason could be that you are just not offering something that is in high demand at the moment. To sort out this problem, try to browse the website for a bit to find out what kind of things are selling really well at the moment. Of course, this may not be possible if you cannot do what is popular right now. The other reason could be marketing and advertising. If you try to advertise your services on other sites like Twitter or even YouTube, you might get some more sales.

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Pardon me for this comment but it looks like you lack the charisma and the manners to promote your business in this marketplace. You also need to develop your patience because a simple post about your business is not a sure way to get noticed. You probably need to establish your presence in this site so that when you make a post of your business readers will get interested.

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